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It is always easier and simpler to make judgements and assumptions, that is why it is imperative to make your first impression count like your salvation depends on it. Your contents is the only reason or attribute that determines how often people stays on your blog, The looks and feels of your websites, plays an crucial role in determining how often your readers visits and stays on your website. Research shows that is takes about 0.05 seconds (about 50 milliseconds) to make an at least 8/10 good impression about your website to your readers, customers, visitors or general users. This impression is what your site uses to form an opinion about your website which in turn, determines whether they like your site or not and whether they’ll stay or leave. This first impression depends on some factors which includes site structure, colors, spacing, symmetry, amount of text, fonts, responsiveness, etc. That is why you need professionals to handle your web designing, Hosting and maintenance issues so that your readers, customers and general users, will always have a reason to have your homepage URL bookmarked and pined at there start-up tabs despite the platform they are accessing your website from.
at techvillz, we can assist you to achieve all these and more, which includes:

  • BLOG SETUP + CUSTOM DOMAIN: Are you are new to blogging? Do you want to be a blogger and you don’t know how to set  it up? Do you already have one buy wish to change in other to reach certain audience and goals? Techvillz dedicated designers and developers can help you get a perfect and unique design of your choice and also purchasing a custom domain name for you, installing your blog, designing it and making it look the way you want. Be it Blogger or Wordpress.

  • BLOGGER TO WORDPRESS: We can also help you with blogger to wordpress migration and you will neither loose your ranking nor your contents. 

 If you my dear reader, found yourself in any of the aforementioned categories, please kindly use the contact button and we will get things done for you properly.