Be Informed And Earn: TStv Sassy Decoder is Now Available For Pickup in Some Locations

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

TStv Sassy Decoder is Now Available For Pickup in Some Locations

As funny as it may sound, TStv didn't play Aril fool prank on their potential customers with the promised TStv Sassy Decoder. Customers are already picking up their decoders and I’m quite sure more will choose up theirs by the end of the week

TStv Sassy Decoder is Now Available

TSTV Africa had in advance announced that the sales of her decoder dubbed Sassy could be on sale beginning from 1st of April, however, a whole lot of people believed that it will be every other April fool prank for the reason that they have got promised in the beyond and failed to supply… however this, isn't always April fool – but already available for select up.

The decoder is available in most important states, just discover the dealer in your country of residence. I recognize of people who have picked up their decoder from sellers in Owerri, Lagos, and environs. The rate of the decoder is just 3500

The decoder has PVR function, Pause subscription, and carries up to 70+ channels. those of you in Abuja, you can without difficulty cross pick it up from their office if it’s now not a way out of your vicinity, test it and supply us comments on the subject of the channels.

What this indicates is that, because the decoder is now available for choose up, free to air TStv channels might be scrambled. And this decoder is Sassy that doesn’t come with loose 20GB of information. when you pick yours up, kindly allow us to know.

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