Be Informed And Earn: Here are 6 Solid Reasons Your Internet Connection is Slow and Sucks

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Here are 6 Solid Reasons Your Internet Connection is Slow and Sucks

Having a sluggish internet connection can be really really annoying, trust me, I know exactly how that feels like. That's why I am writing this article to educate you on why your internet sucks and of course how to fix a slow and sluggish internet connection.
Reasons Your Internet Connection is Slow and Sucks

You must've tried browsing on your phone after you noticed that your connection to your PC is really slow and annoying. Takes forever to load a single page. If you are chatting with your friends and colleagues and loves ones, it takes a really long time for your messages to be sent and then you get a response from them. Though your mobile data or WiFi signal looks strong yet you can do anything online because of the slow connection. Here are some of the most common reasons your internet sucks.

#1.   You Are Using An Outdated Plan

Time to time internet service providers discontinue some of their data bundle plans and replaces them with a more fast and efficient plans. But customers getting used to the old one might not even be aware of the changes, thus sticking to the old and outdated plans that delivers slow speeds. 

If you been using one ISP for a long time now and hasn't changed, it's best you call or email your internet service provider and confirm that you're on the best plan for your personal needs. Becuase chances are that they've been updated or replaced entirely. With fibre technology and gigabit service plans becoming increasingly common, you may be surprised by what's changed since you first signed up.

#2.   You Are Using an Outdated Router

You passed the check of not using a discontinued or outdated data plan and still your internet sucks and pages still load achingly slowly. Well, it's time to have a closer look again at the type of router you are using.

It wouldn't be fair if you still expect the router you've been using at home for the past decade(s) to be delivering the same internet speed as the router I just got brand new yesterday.

You might not know this, but routers just like every other object can wear out over time. It's more likely that an older router can't take advantage of new standards, such as 802.11ac, which can handle faster speeds. Check your router's specs and consider an upgrade if it's a few years old. 

#3.   You Are Too Far From Your Router

You have checked yourself and you are sure that you are using an updated data plan with an updated router, but yet your connection sucks. Well, I am sorry about that but another tiny reason you might be failing to put into consideration is that you are not close enough to where your router is.

If this is happening to you at your home, then it's best you move your router from its current position and place it in an elevated, centralized location. Also, make sure that your router's Wi-Fi extender is enabled (though it may consume more battery power) and you may want to consider other network extenders or upgrading to a mesh network.

#4.   There are Too Many Interferences

Having your router paced in a single hidden corner is not enough, and while you have done the best you could to increase the speed of your internet connection, some situations are just out of your hands.

Several electronics that you make use of in your homes, such as Bluetooth devices, smart home gadgets and even microwaves, etc, operates around the same 2.4GHz frequency as your router.

And if you are living in an apartment complex, there's also a great chance that you'll also be getting interference from other wireless networks nearby. 

While there isn't much you can do about this, you can't entirely fold your hands either. Fortunately, several modern routers come equipped 5GHz band which is less commonly used and will use the channel with the least interference upon rebooting. 

So whenever you noticed your connection is getting and you've tried everything possible, try power cycling the router if your Wi-Fi or use a Wi-Fi analyzer tool to check for the best channel and then set it manually using your router's admin portal.

#5.   Your ISP's Coverage Isn't Good at Your Current Location

So you moved into a new community and neighbourhood and noticed your connection's getting sluggish. But on your phone or from your Wi-Fi admin portal, signal strength is on the greens.

New flash!! Just because the icon shows you're in a strong service area doesn't mean you can watch that YouTube video without buffering. Before throwing yourself into frustration, consider the following first

✔.   You are in a poor coverage area.

✔.   You're in a crowded area

✔.   You're being throttled by your ISP, which by the way is increasingly common with the invention of “unlimited data plans”

#6.   You Are Connected to Public Wi-Fi

This is a problem with your phone, or with your router or with your service provider anymore. You don't need anybody to spell it for you anymore, the reason your internet connection is slow because you are using a connection that many people are already connected to.

Public places like train stations, café, malls etc are few places where you can get a free connection, but because these places are usually filled with people coming in and going, the available connections there are likely to be slow.

You can still get a fast connection with a public Wi-Fi, or you are sure that the Wi-Fi available at the place you are is good, yet your connection is slow. The only possible reason for this is because you are far from an access point, which may severely reduce your speeds. So try moving around until you find a better connection.

So whether you're at trying to browse or chat or download with your phone, or you're at home, office or in public place, there are countless reasons why your internet speed may be unbearably slow. And I believe that these 6 reasons listed above will do just fine and probably help to find common ways to improve your internet connection.

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