Be Informed And Earn: TStv Sassy, A Stripped Down Version of The Promised TStv With Less Features

Saturday, March 24, 2018

TStv Sassy, A Stripped Down Version of The Promised TStv With Less Features

There's this pidgin English proverb that says “at all at all na im bad”. If you are familiar with TStv or if you've been following the 411 on them, you'd know and understand why I had to put up that saying. TStv was officially launched in October 2017 with lots of promises and features which got everyone's hopes high. 
price of TStv Sassy

After the official launch, there were lots and lots of delays in the deployment of its decoders and commencement of commercial services. Now everyone has called it quits with TSTV and no one talks about them anymore after several disappointments. The company is here again with a counter offer to what they promised before but with less features.

TStv Sassy as the call it will be a replacement of the initially promised TStv but with lesser features and price tag. However, there are few things that are still intact and similar between the to and they include;

  • Decoder
  • Remote
  • Satellite Dish
  • A price tag of ₦3,500 in lieu of the initial price of ₦5,000
However, there is no word regarding the promised 20GB free data customers will get on their first month (available for premium subscribers only) or the 10gb data they will get on subsequent premium subscriptions.

When will the TSTV Sassy Decoder Go on Sale?

According to the company, the sale of the new TStv Sassy decoder will commence on the 1st of April 2017 (Easter Sunday). 

Personally, I'd say that a lot of TStv's potential customers have lost appetite for their services even before they started operations. No one really talks about TStv anymore except for those that are using other decoders to watch all TStv channels free of charge.

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