Be Informed And Earn: Stack Overflow Survey 2018 - Linux Beats Windows, Becomes The Most Popular Development Platform

Friday, March 16, 2018

Stack Overflow Survey 2018 - Linux Beats Windows, Becomes The Most Popular Development Platform

As a developer, I've always wondered which development platform is the most popular because, as long as technology is concerned, development is inevitable. In my quest to get an answer that will satisfy my needs too, I learned of Stackoverflow and have been loving the forum ever since, because it connected me with tons of developers far and near.
Stack Overflow Survey 2018 - Linux Beats Becomes The Most Popular Development Platform

Every year, Stack Overflow conducts this survey for developer survey and then shares its results with the public for analysis. And in this year's 2018 edition of this survey, over 100,000 developers (I myself included) took part in the 30-minute survey and told how they learn new technologies, which tools they use to get their work done, and what they look for while hunting some job.

It is not a one-time thing, so stay tuned for more results as they come in, I will be sharing them asap in accordance with the findings of the survey which has several categories. These results will help compare with the trends of past years and enable make better choices that will facilitate your career as a developer. But first, let me tell you which platform that was most used by developers over the past year.

Which is The most Popular Development Platform?

According to Stack Overflow, 48.3% developers responded with Linux as the platform they have done development work for this year. Then followed by Windows with a tally of 35.4%. Android, AWS, macOS, Raspberry Pi, WordPress, and iOS are the platforms that follow these top two.

At this point, it is important to mention that you shouldn't be confused, the most popular coding platform and the operating systems preferred by developers are two different things. 
Stack Overflow Survey 2018-developers primary OS

Windows has been and is still taking the lead on this category with over 50% margin, followed by macOS at 27%, Linux at third with 23%.

Linux then took lead on the category of most Loved, dreaded and wanted platform with above 3/4 of all the votes at 77%. Followed by, Serverless, AWS, and Raspberry Pi.
Stack Overflow Survey 2018 - most loved and dreaded platform

Another interesting data that came up was in relation to their (developer's) work setup. It was discovered through the survey that about 70% developers use two or more monitors on their main workstation to get their work done Moreover, and about 3% developers use 4 or more monitor setup to get their work done.

You can follow all the gist(s) as they unfold live at Stack Overflow and find the complete results of the survey at Stack overflow Insights 2018

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