Be Informed And Earn: Samsung DeX Pad Goes Live at MWC - Turns The Galaxy S9 Into a Touchpad PC

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Samsung DeX Pad Goes Live at MWC - Turns The Galaxy S9 Into a Touchpad PC

Samsung DeX Pad which debuted since October 2017 has finally made an official appearing at the ongoing MWC that started on 26 Feb 2018 and will end today,  1st March 2018. The Dexpad is a workstation that can allow you to use your Samsung phone on a desktop computer. Even you don't own a full-fledged PC, all you need is the new Samsung Dex, a monitor, mouse, and keyboard and you will have your Android/Computer on your hands.
Samsung DeX Pad Goes Live at MWC - Turns The Galaxy S9 Into a Touchpad PC

Unfortunately, the new Samsung Dex pad is only compatible with the companies Galaxy S9 and S9 which were launched alongside the workstation. Hopefully, there will be an update which will make the Dexpad become compatible with older models of Galaxy phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8.

10 Outstanding Features of the new Samsung Dex Pad includes

1.   It can connect to a monitor at 2K resolution.

2.   It has a max 1080p compared to its predecessor.

3.   The screen of the connected phone can be used as a regular mouse touchpad.

4.   Has a USB type-C ports

5.   It blocks access to the rear fingerprint sensor for login. 

6.   The recommended security measure by Samsung is PIN code or iris scan.

7.   You'd have to be leaning over the DeX to unlock the device if you choose to be using Iris Scan.

8.   Several computer peripherals like mouse, keyboard, etc can be connected to the Dex Workstation via a USB 2.0 port.
Samsung DeXpad workstation

9.   By default, the Galaxy S9's touchscreen is switched to touchpad mode if no external computer input device is plugged into it.

10.   Besides used as a virtual touchpad, the S9 screen can also be used as a soft keyboard.

The new DeX Pad doesn't have a price tag on it yet, but last year's version currently sells for around $100 (which converts to about £70, or AU$130)

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