Be Informed And Earn: Kali Linux For Windows 10 is Now Available In Microsoft Store

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Kali Linux For Windows 10 is Now Available In Microsoft Store

The idea of running Linux OS alongside Windows is something that has been in existence for a very long time. There are been several ways of running Linux on PC alongside Microsoft Windows. You can use a VM or you can create a separate partition for it.
How to install Kali Linux on Windows 10 (WSL)

Over the years, these 2 methods have been adopted by many in using Linux and Windows OS on the same PC at the same time, but close to 1 year ago, Microsoft announced the idea of integrating Linux flavours into its store. Making it easier for Windows 10 users to easily install Linux Distro from Windows store into the various computers.

Then later on Microsoft kept their promise and now you can install distros like Ubuntu, SUSE Enterprise Linux, and openSUSE from Windows Store to your Windows PC. While we wait for Fedora to arrive at Microsoft Store as promised, Kali Linux, a renowned open source Linux distro which widely used for penetration testing purposes has been made available, and here is how to get it.

How to install Kali Linux on Windows 10 (WSL)?

Before you begin to get excited about having Kali on your Windows PC, it is important to know that you’ll get a bare-bones Kali Linux installation with no penetration testing tools; 

✔   First and foremost, you'll have to enable Windows 10 WSL feature and to do that, search Windows Features in the search box and open it. Now, check the box in front of Windows Subsystem for Linux and select Ok.

✔    Then after enabling the WSL feature, visit this link on your Windows 10 PC which will prompt you to open Store, and download the distro with one click. 

✔    After the download is complete, the ‘Get’ button on Store will change to ‘Launch’ then you'll have to click on it for to initiate the installation process.

✔    Finally, create your desired UNIX username and password as prompted on the console windows and you’re done. 

To launch Kali Linux again, just type kali on command prompt or click Kali tile in Start Menu.

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