Be Informed And Earn: Google Lens is Now Available on Android and iOS - Here is How to Get it

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Google Lens is Now Available on Android and iOS - Here is How to Get it

Google lens is a technology app that was unveiled by Google during Google I/O 2017, It is aimed and designed to bring up relevant information of a particular object using visual analysis. When directing the phone's camera at an object, Google Lens will attempt to identify the object and show relevant search results and information in regards to the object the camera is being pointed at.
Google Lens is Now Available on iOS

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were the first phones to have featured a full-fledged Google app, plus other amazing features which aren't seen yet at full capacity on non-Pixel devices. But now it is not limited to the Pixels anymore. Several Android phones now have Google lens, and now according to a tweet by Google yesterday, Google lens is now officially available to iOS.

Google Lens is an awesome object recognition tool that is available only on demand and can be accessed through the Google Photos app. When users take a photo of a book or painting, for example, Lens recognizes it and spits out information telling you more details about the object you just captured.

Google lens works on several objects (in form of images) like business cards, books, landmarks and buildings, paintings in a museum, plants or animals, and flyers and event billboards.

Besides images, Google lens also works with numbers too. For instance, When you use Lens on a photo that has phone numbers or an address, you can automatically save this information as a contact on your phone, while events will be added to your calendar.

How to Use Google Len on iOS or Android?

You can easily use Google Lens on your iOS device anytime just by doing the following.

1.   Launch the Google Photos app (must be version 3.15 of the iOS app)

2.   Select a photo

3.   Then tap on the Google Lens icon. 

Depending on what the photo is, you can then check the details Google provides, or take an action. 

Also, note that your Google Lens activity will be saved to your Google account if your web and app activity setting is switched on (which doesn't surprise me at all). But you can delete any history from your My Activity page at any time.

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