Be Informed And Earn: Google Explains Android Go - Says its Here to Fix Super Cheap Android Phones

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Google Explains Android Go - Says its Here to Fix Super Cheap Android Phones

First time I learned of Android Go, I was surprised by it as the name sounded so familiar yet so strange. So the first thing I was to pull up a Google Search for Android Go. But as of then, there were little contents on the internet that gave me a detailed explanation of what I was looking for. But as time went by I began to get a hang of Android GO.
The Alcatel 1X was the first Android Go phone
Alcatel 1X Running Android Go

If you follow and observe Google Android very closely, you will notice that the complexity of the OS increases as the version progresses. New functionalities and features are added, it becomes more interactive and appealing. But the downside of these updated versions of Android is that the number of phones that will support the upgrades keep on decreasing.

However, Google didn't turn a blind eye to this, they that only very few phones support their latest version of OS and this makes several Android lovers and users to be stuck at older versions. So the came up with the idea of Android GO, which is a stripped-down version of Android meant to run on inexpensive, low-end smartphones/  devices. It uses low processing power and can work with limited amounts of RAM and storage. Android Go It’s also meant for people with limited internet connectivity and expensive data plans that need to be carefully conserved. With Android Go, Google has addressed these three issues, which are;

#1.   Make Android run better on phones with 1GB of RAM or less

You know how unpleasing it can be to be using an Android phone that has lots of its internal space being consumed by Google default apps that can't be uninstalled. So with Android Go, Google really did a number on is default apps, downsizing its install size to a little over 3GB, thereby leaving a little over 4GB worth of storage for the user. (in cases of phones with at least 8GB internal memory). Some of the default Google apps include Chrome, Inbox, Play MusicPlayStore, Maps etc.

#2.   Make Android (the OS itself) take up less space

The many features that come with an updated version of Android are one of the reasons the system files of Android are always large in size. But in Android Go, Google stripping some of its default app, choppy animations, effects, etc drastically reduced the overall size of the Android OS system files.

#3.   Make Android’s preinstalled apps take up less space and use less data

Whenever you get a new phone, you will notice that some apps are already installed on the device, and you will also notice that not all of these apps can be uninstalled or disabled so as to save storage space. And some of these apps take quite an amount of space uses a lot of data.

So in other to make things easier, Google added an app called Files GO, it gives suggestions on files to remove and offload to the cloud. And to handle the case of internet data connection, Google added another app called Datally, it helps users manage how much data their apps are using.

Still, in the case of managing the amount f space and data used by some apps, Google made an extra addition by adding YouTube Go. It lets users watch YouTube videos and saves them much data while at it, by allowing them to stream videos in 3 quality options which are basic, standard, and high. Then tells you how much data each will take up, which is hugely helpful.

Google has also added a special section of the Play Store that highlights apps that don’t take up much room. Which should enable you to know the right apps that you should install and you won't use up your storage space.

Though these Android GO apps have been stripped down in sizes, they still serve the same purpose as their regular versions and there is no difference in their material designs.

Google Go app has a totally different design, which offers quick access to features like translations and image search for people who might not know to look for them. It also has a GIFs section, which provides quick access to the “good morning” GIFs that have grown popular in India.
Nokia 1 running Android Go
Nokia 1 running Android Go

Phones we know so far that will come with Android Go Includes;

1.   Nokia 1

2.   General Mobile’s GM 8 Go 

3.   The Alcatel 1X

4.   ZTE’s Tempo Go

5.   Lava’s Z50

6.   Micromax’s Bharat Go

Other Android GO apps that are worth checking out include

GBoard GO

Google GO

Google Assistant GO

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