Be Informed And Earn: How To Get YouTube Dark Mode on iPhone / Android

Thursday, March 15, 2018

How To Get YouTube Dark Mode on iPhone / Android

YouTube dark mode which debuted on PC version last year has finally arrived on iOS devices. So if you are an iOS user and you're using the latest version of YouTube app on your device, follow this simple and quick guide to get YouTube dark more on your iOS.
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To activate the dark mode on your phone, just tap the account icon, navigate to settings and select “dark theme”. It's as simple as ABC. Once the dark mode is enabled, the regular white background of YouTube will turn black, which is good for the eyes and also good for saving battery. 

Nothing else will change once you enable this feature, every other YouTube feature works exactly the way they should. In addition to the battery saving advantage of YouTube dark mode, it will also help users to focus more on the content and not the controls. 

YouTube is working on other handy features for the users. Past rumors have suggested that an “incognito mode” for the YouTube app is under development.

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