Be Informed And Earn: First Official Developer's Preview of Android P Has Been Released By Google

Thursday, March 8, 2018

First Official Developer's Preview of Android P Has Been Released By Google

It's ok to think that with a very little percentage of Android users using Oreo, that Google will slow than a bit before releasing the next version of Android, but Google isn't waiting for anyone at all. With barely 1% of the billions of Android users running on Oreo, the company is already making serious plans about Android P which will be the next version of Android.
Google Officially Releases Android P’s First Developer Preview

Be that as it may, there are indeed some excitement in the air about this, because after waiting for almost seven months, we now have some reliable information about the next major Android update, called Android P. Google has officially released the first developer preview of Android 9.0 along with details of the initial set of features and APIs it will bring to the masses.

There will some major changes and newly added features and visual changes that will come with the update, and they include:

✔   Support for atypical displays. 

✔   Android P will prevent idle background apps from accessing the camera, microphone.

✔   Other “SensorManager” sensors and of course improved security

✔   Android P devices can get streams from multiple physical cameras simultaneously.

✔   Starting with Android P, Android OS will now have built-in support for HDR VP9 Profile 2 which will allow users with HDR-compatible devices to enjoy HDR-enabled content in apps like YouTube, Google Play Movies, Netflix, etc.

✔   Improved location detection and accuracy via the support for Wi-Fi RTT (Round-Trip-Time).  For those that don't know, Wi-Fi RTT is a technology that allows compatible devices to know the location of a person by measuring the distance from nearby access points. You can read all about it here.

How to download Android P Developer Preview

The first official developers' preview is available to a handful of smartphones that includes to Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL, leaving Nexus devices out this time, which by the way isn't coming as a surprise. You can download and manually flash the compatible build for your device using this link. 

Alternatively, you can load the preview build on the Android emulator to taste the new dessert. For now, there is no official name announced by Google with which Android P will go by

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