Be Informed And Earn: Features of The New TStv Sassy Decoder

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Features of The New TStv Sassy Decoder

I know that there are several people out there who are tired and jaded about TStv, I can't say I blame them though. After having promised Nigerians a lot of cool and (never seen before features), TStv is here again with another promise to their customers. 
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The satellite cable tv company which recently unveiled TStv Sassy decoder, says that this new decoder will have some differences to the original and intended decoder. But the services and quality will still be the same.

So while spending y weekend, I took it upon myself to compare what we already know about TStv Sassy decoder against what we know on the earlier launched TSv decoder. And these are 8 significant things, features and differences I noticed.

✔   TStv Sassy goes at a retail price of 3,500. This includes the satellite dish, decoder, and remote.

✔   The TStv Sassy decoder comes with over 70 channels sports, movies, kids, health, lifestyle channels etc. Which is lower than the original TStv decoder that was promised to come with over 200 channels.

✔   There is an option to pause your cable subscription, but this is only available for 1month premium subscribers.

✔   Premium subscription comes with a validity of 30days and your subscription can only be paused for 7days which can increase the validity of your subscription.

✔   The Sassy decoder comes with PVR Function (Personal Video Recorder) which will enable subscribers to record videos with sassy decoder and play them later.

✔   Daily Subscription costs 200, 3days subscription costs 500, while the weekly subscription costs 750 etc. (With no pause subscription feature).

✔   You can pay for your TStv Sassy cable subscription at a dealer chop or via Quickteller website.

✔   Lastly, there are no internet features with this decoder, and there is no promised 20GB data on the first subscription or 10GB data on subsequent subscriptions.

At this point, it is important to tell you that the new decoders will come in 2 variants. 1 of them is the TStv Sassy while the other is TStv Dexterity Decoder. which comes with the free 20GB data + 200 Channels but won’t be on sale for now. Thus the package you will enjoy on the Sassy will be different from what you’ll enjoy on Dexterity decoder which there are no words yet on when it'll go live. The Sassy decoder is scheduled to go on sale on the 1st of April 2018.

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