Be Informed And Earn: Amazon Boss - Jeff Bezos Crowned 2018 World Richest Person

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Amazon Boss - Jeff Bezos Crowned 2018 World Richest Person

I remember the first time I had access to the internet and learnt that you could search just about anything in Google. One of the first things I searched was “who is the richest man in the world, which by then was a title that has been retained consecutively by Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates.
Jeff Bezos Crowned “World’s Richest Person” In Forbes 2018’s Billionaires List
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But the title isn't meant for Gates alone as he's the only man that has won the title many times than others. And also the only man that has won the title 18 out of 23 times this list of world's richest billionaires has been compiled.

Yesterday, Forbes magazine refreshed their list world’s billionaire’s list for the year 2018. and as expected, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest man after consecutively coming as the second richest man.

Bezos took the lead after coming ahead of Bill Gates in terms of money by a considerable margin. But, it was according to the Forbes’ real-time Billionaire’s list where positions change as the individual worth of the rich people goes up and down. Gates’ net worth in Forbes’ 2018 billionaire’s list is valued at $90 Billion.

The 2018 list of the world's richest billionaires continues with the addition of Microsft's CEO as the second, Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett as the third, Bernard Arnault as forth and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg who dropped a few points as the fifth.

In addition to the title of being the richest billionaire, (which he'll hold for at least 1 years, or maybe more) Amazon boss Jeff Bezos holds the title of being the first man to cross $100 Billion net worth.

Source: Forbes

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