Be Informed And Earn: Study Reveals That Virtual Reality Helps Release Anxiety in Over 40 Million Youths and Adults

Monday, February 19, 2018

Study Reveals That Virtual Reality Helps Release Anxiety in Over 40 Million Youths and Adults

Anxiety disorders can range from general worries to paralyzing paranoia and it is believed that over 40 million adult Americans suffer from this. It's been observed that people (especially youths and adults) suffering from this disorder often or most times have a constant perception of paranoid and destructive thoughts.
Study Reveals That Virtual Reality Helps Release Anxiety in Over 40 Million Youths and Adults

Despite the constant work by researchers to mitigate this issue of paranoia by trying medicines, therapies, alternative treatments and even TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Simulation), the number of adults and youths suffering from anxiety and paranoia is still increasing, and the recent tally rounded it up to a total of 40 million (in the United States alone).

Be that as it may, a rather promising discovery has been brought to light by a Netherlands based team of researchers – citing that an engaging method to ease up anxiety is by the use of Virtual Reality. Yes, Virtual reality gadgets which have found admirers in the gaming and entertainment industry could now possibly be the therapeutic complement.

A clinical trial was conducted on 116 candidates and the promising results that were gotten have raised hopes – as the virtual reality exercises have led to relatively more amicable social interactions. During the trial, it was observed that the usual reclusiveness which is dominant with anxiety and paranoia patients was eased while they worked in the virtual environment. Thus this method seems to complement the medication and regular cognitive behavior therapy.

However, the current procedures (which is the use of virtual reality headset) are effective in reducing anxiety but heightens the paranoia in the patient. The scientists guided the participants to explore and challenge their fears in various situations. The engagement with Virtual Reality helped the patients to better their quality of social interactions.

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  1. We got these free with our phones last year, they're so much fun to do, I can see how it can help with anxiety.

  2. I totally can see how they can help anxiety although as someone with debilitating anxiety I have yet to try it out. I may though one day if given the chance.

  3. I have a VR box & its good to hear that it helps to release anxiety :)


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