Be Informed And Earn: Old Nokia Flip Phone 8810 Reborn With New Social Media Features And 4G LTE

Monday, February 26, 2018

Old Nokia Flip Phone 8810 Reborn With New Social Media Features And 4G LTE

It is believed that the Nokia 8810 was first sighted in a 1999 science fiction action film which was written and directed by The Wachowskis, known as The Matrix thus gaining its popularity because the movie was a success.
Old Nokia 8810 Reborn

The first Nokia 8110 just a regular cell phone with no astonishing feature compared to what we have today in its rebirth version. it was built with a slider and you wouldn't be mistaken if you say it had a shape of a banana shape.

The phone was said to be released more than 2 decades ago, which isn't wrong considering the fact that the iconic Nokia 3310 made its debut 20 years later at MWC. 

The new Nokia 8110 and the old version of it still share some resemblance, which includes the obvious one is the phone's slider that is meant for covering the phone's alpha-numeric keypad.

However, there are noticeable modifications made in the new 2018 version of Nokia 8810, which is the support for 4GLTE and runs Smart Feature OS. It also comes with an inbuilt app store that already runs on 30 million devices.

Other features of The New Nokia 8810 2018 Version Includes

==>>   It is a small phone with a screen size of 2.4 inch

==>>   A 2-megapixel main camera with flashlight

==>>   Will come in 2 variants - a single SIM variant and a dual SIM variant

==>>   Will have synchronization abilities for keeping up to date with contacts, messages, calendars etc.

==>>   Its 4GLTE internet connection can be shared with nearby devices via a mobile hotspot

==>>   IP52 certified – drip protection, so a few splashes of water wouldn't ruin your precious device.
Old Nokia 8810 Reborn With New Social Media Features And 4G LTE

==>>   It will have a 512mb RAM and 4GB internal memory that can be expanded up to 32gb.

==>>   There is no accurate measurement of the battery capacity yet, but Nokia claims that the phone will be operational for up to 25 days on standby.

==>>   Dual-core (2×1.1 GHz Cortex-A7) CPU and Qualcomm MSM8908 Snapdragon 205 chipset.

==>>   Weighs 153.8g and mesaures 155.2 x 73.5 x 8.5 mm

It is expected to ship at a retail price of $97 (79 euros), with Polycarbonate body that will be either yelow or black in colour.

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