Be Informed And Earn: Millions Of Android Phones Were Hacked By This Cryptomining Malware

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Millions Of Android Phones Were Hacked By This Cryptomining Malware

One of the things that makes me feel jaded about Android OS and apps is that its open source nature exposed it lots of threats. iPhone users have never had to worry about their iPhones being hijacked more times in a year compared to Android. And now that it seems that Bitcoin is gradually taking up its value, hackers have picked up their boots where they left them.
Avoid Android Cryptomining Malware

Recent security report shows that a new campaign was recently detected and was obliging the mining of these crypto-coins. This new campaign affects Android smartphones and is equal to many others that we've seen or known in the past and have because they all have the same goal which is to make money for the hackers that own them. 

This Android Cryptomining Malware was seen routing users to dedicated sites, they are making a profit for attackers, either through the display of advertising or, as in this case, by offering a processor to mine crypto-coins.

Once an oblivious user visits the URL, they will be alerted to a supposedly high processing problem with their phones and should put a captcha code in order for the situation to be resolved. (I mean who fixes phones on the internet, really?)

Usually, this form of attack was included and disguised on a URL and gets activated once a user clicks on the link will be redirected to mining page. But it seems that these hackers have up their games, they now embed these bad links into several Android apps. Once these apps are installed, they automatically directed users to these sites dedicated to mining, discreetly and without them realizing that they were being used.

There isn't a specific number of affected users yet, but my guess is that the number is definitely high. At least 5 domains have been detected to be using the same captcha and the same keys as the Coinhive site. And at least 2 out of these 5 sites had more than 30 million hits per month and the 5 combined domains had about 800,000 visits per day, with an average of 4 minutes per visit.

The purpose of giving you reports about these Cryptomining malware and all other sorts of malware and how to operate is because we at believes that a person can do better if they know better. And knowing about these malware and how they operate will help you know when you are at risk of cyber-theft or cyberbullying. And you also get to know how to avoid Cryptomining and stay safe.

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