Be Informed And Earn: Latest Vulnerability Found in Adobe Flash Player Gives Hackers Control Over Your System

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Latest Vulnerability Found in Adobe Flash Player Gives Hackers Control Over Your System

Adobe Flash Player is one of the most essential programs needed in a computer system for smooth running. It used directly or indirectly by almost everyone that makes use of the internet on daily basis. But unfortunately, you may have to disable your Adobe flash player instantly, because according to a security advisory published by Adobe over the weekend, there is a critical remote code execution vulnerability that exists in Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions.
Latest Vulnerability Found in Adobe Flash Player Gives Hackers Control Over Your System

According to Adobe, the vulnerability, dubbed CVE-2018-4878 is being exploited in the wild to deliver “limited, targeted attacks against Windows users,” allowing the attacker to take control of the system. However, it also affects macOS, ChromeOS, and surprisingly Linux users running the following software (v28.0.0.137 and below):

1.   Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime (Windows, Macintosh)

2.   Adobe Flash Player for Google Chrome (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Chrome OS)

3.   Adobe Flash Player for Edge and Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 10, 8.1)

4.   Adobe Flash Player Runtime (Linux)

As we know, most getting users to click on a link on a website or sending out spammy emails with bad links embedded in them are the most common ways these hackers set their traps for unwitting users, but according to Adobe, the attacks because of this vulnerability can be performed using web pages with flash content. Another medium as disclosed by Adobe is via email containing documents with embedded malicious flash content.

In order to mitigate this issue of Adobe Flash Player CVE-2018-4878 vulnerability, Adobe has advised users to make use of Protected View for Office which opens potentially dangerous Office files in read-only mode.

Users are also advised to disable Adobe flash player on their devices at once pending whenever Adobe releases an update that will contain a patch for the vulnerability in a few days.

How to Know if My PC is Affected By The Adobe Flash Player CVE-2018-4878 Vulnerability

If you have Adobe Flash Player running on your PC, you can check the version by visiting a web page with Flash content. Then right-click on the content and click ‘About Adobe (or Macromedia).’ 

For Windows 10 PC, open your Settings menu by pressing Window key + I then navigate to >>> Apps. Click the Adobe Flash’s entry in the list, and it’ll show the exact version.

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