Be Informed And Earn: Land Rover's Android Phone Called “Explore” - is The Toughest Smartphone in The World

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Land Rover's Android Phone Called “Explore” - is The Toughest Smartphone in The World

Land Rover which we all know is a British Multinational car manufacturer and brand that specializes in four-wheel-drive vehicles, has launched a smartphone that is inspired by its range of rugged 4x4 vehicles. They call it “Explore” by the way sounds so very Jaguar Land Rover, is currently making its way to becoming the “the toughest phone in the world”. 
Land Rover's Android Phone Called “Explore”

Land Rover's  Explore Android phone features IP68-rated and certified water/saltwater and dust resistance. Comes with a factory fitted screen protector and drop proof of up 6feet. If you unknowingly dropped this phone in places with extreme temperature, its water and dust resistant features will come in handy as it makes the phone to be able to sustain its life and quality in extreme temperature changes, including freezing cold to blistering heat, thermal shock, intense humidity and vibration exposure.

The phone is electronically powered by 2 separate batteries that measure 7,600mAh in total. - A 4,000mAh battery, which Land Rover claims will give you two days of usage with the screen constantly on.

And another “Adventure Pack” that sticks magnetically to the back of the handset to extend battery life with an additional 3,600mAh. So with these, you are sure to stay off remote areas without doubts of running out of battery juice.

Taking a closer look at the specs of the specs of the phone, you'll see a compass and SOS light which have also been built into the Land Rover Explore

The touchscreen of the phone can be used even when it is wet or if the users are wearing hand gloves - which are almost impossible for most of today's Android phones.

Other Specs of Land Rover's “Explore” Android Phone Include

==>>   MediaTek Helio X27 chipset

==>>   4GB RAM for handling running apps and services and a 64GB of storage

==>>   5-inch full HD display with IP68-rated and certified water/saltwater and dust resistance. 

==>>   Boots Android 7 Nougat

==>>   16MP rear camera and 8MP front selfie shooter with a flashlight.

This premium Explore Android phone by Land Rover was built with the help of the Bullitt Group, and is respected for a launch/release at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 26 with a price tag of £599.

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