Be Informed And Earn: How to Fix a Crashing | Refresh And Speed up Your iPhone and iPad

Sunday, February 11, 2018

How to Fix a Crashing | Refresh And Speed up Your iPhone and iPad

iPhones after been in regular or constant use over a reasonable or long period of time might begin to slow down in its performance. When that happens, do not panic be worried that your phone has grown faulty. Just know that there are plenty of things you can do to sharpen your iPhone or iPad's performance, including this one simple refreshing trick.
How to Fix a Crashing | Refresh And Speed up Your iPhone and iPad
Among the things that happen or we experience about our iPhones or iPad being slow is that it might stop responding at intervals, or an app just won’t load properly. But like I said earlier, do not worry, because there are several things you can do to improve your iPhone or iPad's performance and increase responsiveness and they are

#1.   Upgrade iOS when a new update is available, you can check if an Update is available by launching "Settings", going into "General", and tapping "Software Update". Updating your iPhone or iPad to the latest iOS will ensure a generally slicker running of your device. The same applies to apps, yes you heard me right, always endeavour to update your apps regularly to keep them running clean as a whistle. 

Besides making sure that your iPhone is updated to the latest iOS and that your apps are up to date, you should also be cautious of buggy apps. Always check out the ratings of an app before you go ahead to download it.

And if by any chance you notice there's been a strange behaviour with your iPhone after installing a particular, then quickly uninstall the app at once. Same thing applies if the app isn't running smoothly, or if an app repeatedly crashes or freezes, you may have to delete the app at once by simply holding down the home button, wait for the apps to jiggle, and tap the "X" above the problem app – and reinstalled at no charge.

#2.   While updating your iPhone or iPad's iOS and your apps is a way to refresh your iPhone if you noticed some unpleasant behaviours, another method you should try is to restart your iPhone and fortunately, this trick is built into every iOS device.

This trick completely refreshes your iPhone or iPad’s storage memory and give it a new lease of life. Using this tactic has speed up and improved performance of my iPhone and fixed any apps that simply refused to load. The good news is that it will work with all version of iOS, and here’s how you do it.

Press and hold the power button for few seconds until you get the Slide to Power Off screen. You’d normally use this to switch off your iDevice, so you can turn it back on and reboot it. However, this time, don’t touch the slide and, instead, take your finger off the power button. Now press and hold the Home button for few seconds, your phone will jump back to the iOS home screen. 

Now I understand that you might feel as though not much has happened, but be rest assured that your phone or tablet have refreshed its memory and any broken apps or slowdowns should be fixed by now. 

Note, if when you pressed the home button down you just got the Siri prompt (which by the way you can now use to send money), this is because your device was locked when you held down the power button. This is now trouble though, all you need to do now is to unlock your phone and repeat these instructions and you’ll be able to get it working.

One important thing you should note is that Apple made slight changes in the button commands and combinations of iPhones starting from iPhone 10. So if you are an iPhone 10 user, it is really important you check out this article on How to Force Restart iPhone X

#3.   The last method that you can try in order to refresh your iPhone is power off your iPhone or iPad in the normal way, then power it up again after a few minutes. Once the booting process has completed, double-tap the home button to bring up the task switcher, then swipe up on an app to close it and then try reloading the app. 

However, my guess is that you won’t have to do all of these steps, as the memory refresh takes care of most problems.

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