Be Informed And Earn: Facebook “Down-vote Button” For Flagging Fake Content and Bad/Hateful Comments Will Soon be Available

Monday, February 12, 2018

Facebook “Down-vote Button” For Flagging Fake Content and Bad/Hateful Comments Will Soon be Available

The world's number 1 social media network has again revealed that it is testing a “downvote button” which will come in handy for marking fake contents and marking hateful or inappropriate comments. Before now, there's been the “Like button” which made a lot of Facebook users to desire for an “Unlike Button” or even something out of the books like a Facebook Fuck You Button.
Down-vote Button for facebook
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But don't get it twisted, such features or button will never make its way to Facebook. And the downvote button isn't anyway related or close to a dislike button. Howver, according to Facebook, the downvote  button will help get rid of fake new/posts, abusive, hateful, anf generally any sort of bad stuffs off Facebook, 
that are currently wreaking a havoc on the social media platform.

Once the testing is completed, and the down-vote button is made available, it will be appearing in the same area where you'd normally “Like” a post or reply to a comment. 

When tapped, the downvote button hides a comment, and gives users additional reporting options like "Offensive", "Misleading", and "Off Topic" which you now have to choose in accordance. Thus helping Facebook figure out if the post is objectionable, "fake news", or just irrelevent.

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According to Facebook, the feature test will affect about 5% of Android users who have “English” set as the default language in the app. The downvote button, for right now, only appears on public Page posts, not on Groups posts or those from individual users.

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