Be Informed And Earn: Airtel Starts 4G LTE in Some Locations in Nigeria, How To Get Activated for Airtel 4G

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Airtel Starts 4G LTE in Some Locations in Nigeria, How To Get Activated for Airtel 4G

The much awaited Airtel 4G LTE is finally here in Nigeria and now I can hear myself happy say “its about damn time”. You'd definitely agree with me that Airtel and 9Mobile 4G LTE bands are what most subscribers from these two networks have been eargerly waiting for for a long time now, especially since after MTN and Glo launched their own 4GLTE services.

Fortunately enough for Airtel, they beat 9mobile to it (launching 4GLTE services) and my guess is because of the current issues that are going on at 9mobile, lead to some unforeseen delays in the deployment of the 9Mobile 4GLTE network.

Following an unexpected recent appearance of Airtel 4GLTE network on some Airtel users' smartphones, it is now live and certain that the city of Ibadan, Osun, and of course Lagos will now have the Airtel's much-awaited 4GLTE network. There are still unconfirmed reports about the deployment and availability of Airtel 4GLTE in Kano, Abuja, and PHC.

What is Airtel 4GLTE Band?

It might interest you know that the Airtel is running on band 3, at a frequency of  (1800MHz). Which is just perfect because it is a frequency that compatible with almost all 4G enabled smartphones, unlike that of Glo that runs on band 28.

Airtel 4G Speed Test


At the launch event today, Airtel 4G speed was tested on Speedtest in Ibadan, the download speed was 28.45 Mbps and upload was 8.77 Mbps. As you can see in the above screenshot.

How Can I Get Activated for Airtel 4G?

To get activated for Airtel 4GLTE, visit any Airtel office closest to you with your current Airtel SIM and request for a sim swap. 

After the sim swap, your 4G will be up and you’ll be given 4GB free internet data to test run the new 4G LTE services.

You can run a check if Airtel 4G is available in your current location by doing the following;

1.   Get your 4G smartphone and open the Setting Menu. 

2.  Navigate to Mobile networks– Network operators– Search networks. 

3.   Tap Search networks to initiate a search. 

4.   After a short period, a list of available networks will be presented to you.

And that's all about Airtel 4GLTE, locations of Airtel 4GLTE and how to get Airtel 4GLTE. Don't forget that you will get free 4GB data to test run it. If you are still lost in some way, use this guide here to know if your phone 4GLTe enabled.

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