Be Informed And Earn: These Are Nine Best Apps For Your New iPhone in 2018

Monday, January 1, 2018

These Are Nine Best Apps For Your New iPhone in 2018

So goodbye 2017 and welcome to 2018, and to make things merrier for you, a friend or colleague or relative surprised you with a gift of new fancy an expensive iPhone X. Or any older iPhone like iPhone SE? No matter what model, you’re gonna need some apps to go with your fancy new phone. Fortunately, I have compiled a list of best apps for your new iPhone that will help kick things for you and they are as follows.
best apps for your new iPhone

#1.   EdisonMail

Android users have the luxury to choose a variety of apps that will be handling their emailing and similar activities, but unfortunately, iPhone users don't have such luxury. Apple's default email application doesn't always give the best experience for emails especially if you use a Gmail. So EdisonMail app is your best alternative, it is fast and it is free at the Apple Store. It’s full of great useful features like automatic flight tracking, smart email sorting, and quick gestures.

#2.   Google Maps

There are claims that Apple Maps' getting better these days, but I have not really had the opportunity to test it myself because I am so glued to Google Maps because it never fails when I need it. So you’d rather not take the risk getting lost and stick to Google Map, and then explore Apple Maps at a more suitable time.

#3.   Google Photos

Apple's iCloud backup is a great place to save some great pictures and memories, especially if your iPhone is becoming sluggish because it is running low on memory space. And you are probably looking for ways to speed up your iPhone and make it more responsive. Apart from Apple's iCloud, Google photos will surely come in handy in this kind situation. Install Google Photos, it automatically backup all your pictures to the cloud. And unlike Apple, Google lets you store as many pictures as you want for free.

#4.   Dark Sky

It wouldn't be a wise move to be making plans to be organizing an event, or going out on a date, etc and wouldn't care to know what the skies looked or will look like. And in this case, Apple's default weather app called DarkSky seem to get this covered if not I'd recommend RadarScope or AccuWeather. Apple's weather app offers hyper-local weather forecasts that will let you know with pinpoint accuracy if you need an umbrella or not when you leave your apartment.

#5.   Clarity Money

You can't go by a day or a week without having a need to for money, and sometimes we get lost track of spending this cash. So Clarity Money comes highly recommended to help manage and track your spendings and earnings. The goal of the app is to help you make sure you’re not going overboard on takeout and maybe even start to keep some cash in savings. It is also worth mentioning that you can no use Siri to send money from your iPhone at ease.

#6.   TweetBot

Twitter is great social media website, but just that official WhatsApp, the official Twitter app is filled with lots of restrictions and complicated mess that makes it tough to find new posts and is constantly getting updated or rearranged for whatever new feature the company is trying. 

That is where TweetBot comes into play as it is simpler with a straight chronological feed, powerful mute tools that, if not quite enjoyable oh and the best part? no ads, and, make Twitter at least bearable to use.

#7.   KiraKira+

iPhones are remarkable in taking pictures, but it wouldn't be such a bad idea to add a few glare and beauty to your pictures, so go ahead and add some sparkle to your new pictures with kirakira+. it is a photo filter app that adds an extra twinkle to your Instagram photos for that extra touch of flare. Android users can go ahead and try FaceApp as it has proven to give a good result as iPhone's KiraKira+

#8.   Motion Stills

With your latest iOS 11, you can now turn your Live Photos into looped videos, However, one the best ways to make quick GIFs from your animated pictures using Google’s Motion Stills app.

#9.   Deliveries

Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year, and if my guess is right, you’ve probably finished your holiday shopping and is getting ready for daily routines and businesses come next week, but for next year you’ll want to use Deliveries, an incredibly polished package tracking app that will help you keep track of when all your stuff is arriving, no matter which service Amazon has decided to use to ship it.

So that is all about the best apps for your new iPhone, it is important to note that this app preference was made of my choosing, and you are welcome to make a few changes to it. Also, you should keep in mind that most of the apps listed here cost a few dollars thus they aren't free.

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