Be Informed And Earn: SGNL Wristband Lets You Turn Your Finger Into A Mobile Phone

Monday, January 8, 2018

SGNL Wristband Lets You Turn Your Finger Into A Mobile Phone

At the on-going 2018 Consumer Electronics Show CES, happening now in LAs Vegas, the world is witnessing the unveileing of several weird but amazing technology gadgets. Like the SGNL wristband which I can't remeber vividly when exactly I saw the concept on a television show. But to my greatest supprise, the technology is live now at the CES event.
SGNL Wristband Lets You Turn Your Finger Into A Mobile Phone

When a user connects SGNL to a smartphone via Bluetooth, it allows user to listen to phone calls using his/her fingertips and speaking through the microphone embedded in the strap. What makes the wriststrap convenient is that it is compatible with many popular smartwatches including Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Pebble Time, etc., as well as traditional watches and can be worn without a watch as well.

How Does SGNL Really Works?

I know you must have questions going through your mind right now and tons of suggestions as to how the SGNL wristband works. Well to anwer your question, the technology behind it isn't really a rockect science. As a matter of fact, the SGNL wristband works in similar way as our reagular erardrums. 

When hearing a sound, our eardrums vibrate at the same frequency as of the sound emitted by some device(s) or person(s). SGNL does the same by producing vibration, using a Body Conduction Unit present in the strap, which passes through your finger to reach your eardrum.

With the SGNL wristband, you don’t even have to take out your smartphone as calls can be taken by tapping on the strap. It is even possible to listen to songs with a finger in your ear, (though i think mayny wouldn't prefer this).

A Korean company that sprung out of Samsung in 2015 called Innomdle (pronounced “i-num-dul”) Lab is credited with the creation of the technolgy behind SGNL wristband. hey also claim that several tests has been conducted on the tect to make sure that the sound quality doesn’t get compromised.

Interested people can back SGNL on Kickstarter where the creators have already crossed their goal of $50,000. The first lot of SGNL units for backers are planned for delivery in March 2018. You watch a YouTube video demonstration of the SGNL Wristband and how it works here.

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