Be Informed And Earn: See The First Tablet Which Is Spotted to be Powered By Google Chrome OS

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

See The First Tablet Which Is Spotted to be Powered By Google Chrome OS

Education is a crucial element in the lives of Adults and minors and Google a very successful tech giant understands the importance of using technology to facilitate education. Microsoft on the hand understands the importance of education, thereby launching Windows 10S for school kids with lower specs than a regular Windows 10 PC with longer battery life.
See The First Tablet Which Is Spotted to be Powered By Google Chrome OS

Now talking about the first tablet that surfaced and was running on Googe Chrome OS, the details are still handy as there isn't any official statement on this by the California tech giants. But one certain fact is that Google is very much committed to education in its well-known operating system for laptops, of course, I am talking about the Chrome OS where the tech giant Google always seeks to offer hardware solutions at a low price.

After their Android OS became the number 1 and most used mobile OS in all the big smartphone markets of the world (except in the US), Chrome OS may be coming to tablets now. Which I am positive that will have a positive impact on the need of having low-cost technology gadgets that will be facilitating education and learning in general.

I believe that the idea of tablets running on Chrome OS wouldn't be just a rumour that will not later become true because Chrome OS is a very Cloud-centric operating system that uses the tech giant's Google Chrome as its primary browser. Until recently, this system only allowed users to install applications exclusively from its own store, but in recent development Google opened this system to other applications as well, hence, allowing users to also install the apps available in the Android store as well as run Windows Apps using CrossOver.

Now, these two developments and support for extraterrestrial platforms by Google Chrome must've suggested to you that something new is coming from Google right? Having been very focused on education, Chrome OS is the operating system that equips the computers that Google makes available to this market. According to an image recently shared by Alister Payne, a participant in the BETT education fair, this system may also be coming very soon to the tablets as well.

In the image, it was possible to see an Acer tablet running Chrome OS but the device has not yet been officially presented by Acer but it's likely to be done very briefly. However, at present, its features and specs are not known.

In addition to the computers, the tech giant Google intends to attack the market for education with tablets, most likely also low cost, to allow students to have even closer contact with the potential of technology in education.

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