Be Informed And Earn: Pokemon Go Will Soon Stop Working on Your Older iPhones

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Pokemon Go Will Soon Stop Working on Your Older iPhones

Several tech companies are really ditching older model devices, the number of phones that won't support WhatsApp come January 2018 increased and now Pokémon Go fans using older Apple devices will soon find that their version of Pokémon Go will stop, and will demand for an update.
Pokemon Go Will Soon Stop Working on Your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C

According to Niantic in a blog post, an update to the game rolling out on February 28 will mean that Apple devices that are not able to support the newest iOS 11 will be unable to cope with the upcoming improvements which involves a new AR Plus mode which takes advantage of the more advanced AR capabilities that were introduced with iOS 11 and ARKit. 

What kinds of things will be involved in AR Plus? Well, Pokémon will now have a fixed place in the world meaning that players will be able to go up to them and see them to scale. 

Which iPhones Will Not Support Pokeman Go After February 28?

The following phones will not be able to support Pokeman Go after February 28 becasue these Apple devices not able to upgrade to iOS 11;

==>>  iPhone 5

==>>  iPhone 5C

==>>  iPad 4th Gen

==>>  iPad 3rd Gen

==>>  iPad mini

==>>  iPad 2

Users of the above mentioned phones will find themselves unable to access their Pokémon Go account. Though your account won’t be lost entirely, you will have to upgrade to a new iPhone before you’ll be able to continue your mission of catching ‘em all. 

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