Be Informed And Earn: This Device Called MyLiFi is A Simple LED Lamp That Beams Super Fast Internet To Your Laptop

Monday, January 8, 2018

This Device Called MyLiFi is A Simple LED Lamp That Beams Super Fast Internet To Your Laptop

To be frank, this is my first time of hearing of a "digital detox" solution or LiFi but it seems its already made its debut on the internet. Nevertherless, this new device that looks like a A Simple LED Lamp is called MyLiFi and it is not just your regular table lamp. It beams internet directly to the end any internet enabled device(s), such as your laptop.
MyLiFi Simple LED WiFi Lamp

Oledcomm is that company that is credited to be the first to bring a LiFi-powered lightbulb to the market. It's capability extends beyond giving light or serving as an alternative source of light. Besides providing light, it can as well serve as a traditional WiFi technology most of us now take for granted.

MyLiFi also uses the same 802.11 standards just like WiFi, but the difference lies in the mode of communication, a regular WiFi technology uses radio waves, MyLiFi uses infrared, ultraviolet and visible light spectrum. In fact, the creators of MyLiFi promote their product by saying it gives digital detox moments to the users and saves them from the harmful radio waves.

A laptop attached with a LiFi-enabled dongle can be connected to the internet when placed under a MyLiFi LED lamp without requiring any wires. The internet is beamed to the laptop not using the visible light of the LED lamp but using the infrared transmitter present at the center that’s used to send and receive data via the dongle. It’s possible to use the internet with the LED light turned off.

While the theoretical speeds of 224 Gbps are achievable over LiFi, the tech that Oledcomm has created can deliver around 23 Mbps. Various functionalities of the LiFi lamp can be controlled using an application which can be connected with multiple such MyLiFi lamps in the room at once.

More details about MyLiFi are available on its Indigogo page where people can back it for around $840. The expected shipping date is sometime around July 2018. You can watch a YouTube video presentation of MyLiFi here and here

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