Thursday, January 11, 2018

Introducing Techvillz Blog Official Android App Version 1

Android apps are great ways to stay connected and updated with the trends and other things that interest you. For instance, very fewer people use Facebook via the web browser, you'd be surprised to know that almost 3/4 of all the people that visit Facebook on daily basis do so via its mobile app. In that manner, understands the need for having an Android app for this wonderful blog thus we've put together an app that can let you have access to this blog with just 1 click.
Introducing Techvillz Blog Official Android App Version 1 blog app is made with the state of the art technology and programming languages that are used to make Android app. It is carefully crafted and the needs of users were all put into consideration while making the app. Several features of blog app includes;

1.   It is lightweight and measures 500kb

2.   Doesn't run in the background, so the app only access the internet when you make use of it.

3.   All links are handled internally so you won't have to leave the app

4.   Youtube videos are handled internally, no need to leave the app to access our reviews and tutorial videos.

5.   Supports copy, zoom, and navigation

6.   Sleek design and fast loading even with a slow connection.

7.   Supports Google account 

8.   The app mimics the on a mobile view, and so on...

Download blog app today and always stay connected and updated with the trends in technology, mobile and PC tutorials at its best. Feel free to share your view and opinion about the app. We will be releasing timely updates and new features will be added as we progress. Click here to download blog app now

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