Be Informed And Earn: How You Can Permanently Delete WhatsApp Messages Even After 7 Minutes

Saturday, January 13, 2018

How You Can Permanently Delete WhatsApp Messages Even After 7 Minutes

2 months ago WhatsApp added another feature to its instant messaging app, the called it “Retract Message” and it is used to unsend any message you do not wish to send any more. The unsend feature works for stock and Beta Whatsapp users within a short time frame of Seven (7) minutes. 
How You Can Permanently Delete WhatsApp Messages Even After 7 Minutes

Interestingly, GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp and other modded versions of WhatsApp can retract messages at any time irrespective of the time frame. Stock and Beta WhatsApp users were limited to a maximum of 7 minutes. This implies that messages sent after 7mins cannot be unsend if you are using the stock or Beta WhatsApp. 

But today, no matter the version of WhatsApp you are using, I am going to show you to unsend any message you mistakenly or deliberately send even if it's been up yo 2 months old. All you need to do is to update to the latest version of WhatsApp and then follow my lead.

How You Can Delete WhatsApp Messages Even After 7 Minutes

Step 1.   Disable your WiFi and Mobile data and open your phone's settings menu.

Step 2.   Open your Apps manager and then Force Stop your WhatsApp application.

Step 3.   Now disable your phone's automatic Date & time update.

Step 4.   Change the date and time of your smartphone to be the exact date and time you initially sent the message

Step 5.   Open WhatsApp, hold the message that you want to delete and you will see two options ‘Delete For Me’ and ‘Delete For Everyone’ The second option will delete the messages for yourself and from the screen of the person you sent the message to.

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And that's all you need to do and delete your WhatsApp messages even after it's been more than 7 minutes you sent them. Besides this, there are several other WhatsApp trick that you might want to check out, like How to Send WhatsApp Voice Messages Without Opening WhatsApp. It is rather unfortunate that many smartphones won't support Whatsapp again starting from January 2018. Check to see if your phone is affected by clicking here

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