Be Informed And Earn: Become A News Reporter With Few Clicks Using Google Bulletin

Friday, January 26, 2018

Become A News Reporter With Few Clicks Using Google Bulletin

Information is today, a highly vital thing in our day-to-day activities, we can't make the right decisions or take the right actions if we aren't properly informed. There are people who are good at dissecting and analyzing information and there are individuals who are good at sharing the correct information. While there are individuals had dreamed of becoming a journalist but couldn’t do so, the good news is that Google may have arrived with the right platform for you. 
Google Bulletin Transforms Anyone Into A News Reporter

The California search giant just like the did with Toontastic and Google Poly is putting together a new platform called Google Bulletin. It will amplify their news service, and scoop more data, by including hyperlocal content from neighborhoods and provide more relevant stories to their audience. So, naturally, their platform has to be people-powered, unless they are willing to hire numerous reporters.

According to the tech giants, anyone can journalist and use their smartphones to add texts, images, and videos, and share them instantly using the Google Bulletin app. Individuals can maintain some sort of live blog where they can update information in real-time and also have access to analytics data to know the count and demographics of their readership and see how their contents are performing on the web.

Each published or uploaded text, image or video can be accessed via Google search, which means that whatever you upload will automatically be made public. That's not all, besides contents being made public and accessible, they can also be shared on various social media platforms and instant messaging apps via share links.

One important detail that Google failed to clarify on is how to authentic the contents being shared online by citizen journalists and if these contents will later be monetized. But they did confirm that Google Bulletin is already live for a test run in some selected locations in the United States like Nashville, Tennessee, and of course California. Interested citizen journalists can fill their early access form to get enrolled.

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