Be Informed And Earn: GBoard Go Now Available For Android 8.1 With Low RAM Usage

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

GBoard Go Now Available For Android 8.1 With Low RAM Usage

We all remember Android Go, and Go edition of Google Android apps right? Well if you don't, they are a bunch of apps made my Google that is intended for Android smartphones with lower specs. And now Google just added another app to its list of Go Android app, they called it GBoard Go and it is just a keyboard app.
GBoard Go Now Available For Android 8.1 With Low RAM Usage

The app is available as a Gboard update (v6.9.4) to the users of Android with less RAM but it is not listed separately in Google Play like other Go apps. So don't get all excited about it yet because it's meant for Android 8.0 Oreo users only.

There isn't much difference between this keyboard app the regular Google GBoard in terms of looks and appearances. Because it is a Go version (which basically mean it is meant for lower specs), the GBoard Go lacks some exciting features like GIF, emoji, and sticker search and the one-handed mode etc.

Past the lack of several keyboard features, the GBoard uses around 40MB RAM, which is very much lower, compared to the regular GBoard app that takes up to 70MB of RAM. Another thing to note about the GBoard Go is that due to the space left by the search-bar and repositioned category items, the emojis in the Go edition are more prominent.

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Another notable limitation of the new GBoard it is only compatible with Android 8.1. Having said that, you need to be told that there won't be a lot of compatible devices for the app to be installed on. Pixel and Nexus phones are compatible with the GBoard Go edition keyboard app, but these smartphones won’t need it. You can go ahead and download the app fro APKMirror if it interests you.

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