Be Informed And Earn: 5 iPhone Privacy Texting Tips You Probably Didn't Know About

Friday, January 26, 2018

5 iPhone Privacy Texting Tips You Probably Didn't Know About

You already own an iPhone or just got a new shiny iPhone? well, congratulations. While you are really excited about your new iPhone and you wouldn't want to waste any more minutes before you delve into using it for chats and pictures and videos and texting etc. There are several iPhone privacy texting tips that you really need to know and have at the back of your mind always.
5 iPhone Privacy Texting Tips You Probably Didn't Know About

It'd be really awkward if your kid or your nephew or niece or pretty much anyone sees or ready your private conversations with friends, spouse, business colleagues, etc. Kids these days are pretty smart, once they kay their hands on any phone, the first thing they do is to open chats, or pull up a Google search or play music or something. You can't always deny them of touching your phone, but you can at least do some changes that will limit what they see on your phones. 

For instance you can limit or restrict the contents of the iOS Messages app to its intended audience only (and that means only you), then here are five tips to to keep your iPhone text conversations private, not just from your kids but from anyone you wouldn't want to them to see or have access to them as well.

#1.   Automatically Delete Old Messages

Once a text has served its purpose, I personally don't see the need to leave them laying around. I'd either delete them or I make my iPhone do the erasing for me at given intervals by going to Settings >>> Messages and scroll down to the Message History area. 

Tap on Keep Messages and choose either 30 Days or 1 Year. Not only will it be automatically deleting old messages and reduce the chances of it these messages being read by someone you might not want reading your texts, but it will also free up some space on your iPhone and speed up your iPhone if it is by any chance hanging.

#2.   No Alerts on Lock Screen

I'd be really surprised if you own an iPhone that isn't protected with a passcode, Touch ID or the most recent iPhone X Face ID which is intended to keep your iPhone protected when it's locked. You might want to consider the fact that sensitive information might still be displayed on your phone's screen in its lock state, and it'd be nice to do something about it by turning off lock screen notifications. Simply go to Settings >>> Notifications >>> Messages and toggle off Show on Lock Screen in the Alerts section.

There is a second option for you to explore about hiding sensitive information on your iPhone's lock screen. With this method, you can still get lock screen alerts but without the preview of the text message. This way, you'd be able to see which of your contacts is texting you but then again you'll need to unlock your phone and open the Messages app to see what's up with them and what they're saying. 
5 iPhone Privacy Texting Tips You Probably Didn't Know About
To do so, leave the toggle switch on for Show on Lock Screen and for Show Previews, choose When Unlocked or Never. Now, a banner alert will signal the arrival of a text message on your lock screen, but it will just show the sender's name without the message preview.

#3.   Turn off Read Receipts

Preventing someone from glancing at a text or a text alert on your own phone is enough as it is, but stopping people from knowing that you've read the text they sent you is another iPhone privacy texting tip you really should know about.

Turning off read receipts is a good thing, considering the fact that you can't or don't want to respond to the text right away but don't want them (the sender) to know you've opened their text, because it wouldn't be saying a nice thing about you that you've seen the text but didn't respond to it. You are practically telling the sender that you don't wanna respond to them or that they aren't as important to you as they thought.

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So To make sure people aren't getting notified when you've read a text, go to Settings >>> Messages and make sure the toggle switch for Send Read Receipts is turned off.

Furthermore, you can decide not to tell individual contacts that you've seen or read their messages by opening an iMessage text conversation, tap the "i" button in the top right and toggle off Send Read Receipts.

#4.   Text Only From Your iPhone

The possibility and the fact you can start up a work from your iPhone and finish it with your MacBook is a great feeling. The iOS ecosystem and the fact that everything iOS are linked to function as one has been one the many reasons I've always love iOS over Android. But when privacy is a question, you might want to reduce the number of iOS devices that you work on and stick with just your iPhone, especially for texting. 
5 iPhone Privacy Texting Tips You Probably Didn't Know About
You can individually disable texting via Messages app on your other devices, but you can also do so from your iPhone. Just open your iPhone settings >>> Messages and see how many devices you have listed for Text Message Forwarding, and then toggle off the devices you no longer want to use to receive and send texts.

#5.   Filter Texts From Strange or Unknown Contacts

You have an iPhone and you're connected to the network, so you don't always get to decides who calls and who texts, but you can at least get to decide whether you'll notice or be alerted or not whenever you get a text from an unknown contact. To do so, go to Settings >>> Messages and toggle on Filter Unknown Senders. 

You'll no longer get alerts for random texts and you'll see two filters listed at the top of the Messages app: Contacts & SMS and Unknown Senders.

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