Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Here is a First Live Video Preview of postmarketOS Running On Real Devices

Many was celebrating the Christmas and new year but the guys at PMOS were working round the clock to get things done and to have something to present to you and I come 2018. Fortunately, they made a breakthrough and in an update blog post released, is a live video of postmarketOS running live on mobile phones. But in case this is your first hearing of PMOS, kindly check out the introductory article here.
Here is a First Live Video Preview of postmarketOS Running On postmarket-os-on-luna-droid4Real Devices

The developers of postmarketOS have successfully made a breakthrough to import and swiftly run the OS in 
Sony Xperia Z2 tablet. And to further deliver smooth user experience, the developers tried to get KDE’s Plasma Mobile running on devices with postmarketOS. On some level, and it was a success. It was also discovered that Plasma can run on the devices which already ran the Wayland reference compositor Weston, which was the first interface that ran on postmarketOS devices.

Moving ahead on the train of success, the posmarketOS teams have also achieved some success in porting LuneOS' interface on top devices like Google Nexus 6P, Motorola Droid 4, and Teclast X80 Pro. To get more on the update, you can read about different milestones in the process in the official blog post which serves as an update on the progress made

Alpine Linux serves as a base to postmarketOS, Gnome, MATE, and Xfce maintained in its repositories which is a perfect combo so as to get this OS to run perfectly on mobile devices, which of course needed a little modification to get straight.

So far, and according to PMOS engineers, Nexus 6P, Nexus 7, LG G4, One Plus One, OnePlus X, Galaxy S4, Xiaomi Redmi 3, etc. are the devices that will boot postmarketOS 
Here is a First Live Video Preview of postmarketOS Running On Real Devices

The project is surely turning out to an exciting one and I’ll be sharing more details with you in the near future. But in the meantime, nerd, developers and pretty much every Linux enthusiast are welcome to follow up and contribute their own opinion and details. And here is a YouTube video of Sony Xperia Z2 tablet running posmarketOS

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