Be Informed And Earn: Chrome 64 Released With Meltdown And Spectre Security Patches + Other New Features

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Chrome 64 Released With Meltdown And Spectre Security Patches + Other New Features

The recent revelation of a security flaw that affects almost smartphone and electronic device in the market raised a lot of eyebrows between privacy and security cautious individuals. Several chip makers and tech companies responded to the flaw immediately with security patches that will mitigate the flaws. Though with some devices and some OS, the  Meltdown And Spectre patch didn't work out as hoped.
Chrome 64 Released With Meltdown And Spectre Security Patches
Google, on the other hand, has made an addition to the number features that the next update of their default web browser will feature. The Chrome 64 update which was scheduled to be released with several features like Site-Wide Auto-Mute, Improved Popup Ad Blocker etc, now come with a supposed security patch for Meltdown And Spectre.

Google is already rolling a stable version of Chrome 64 out to devices running on Windows, macOS, and of course Linux operating systems. The patch is a promise made by Google to be delivered by the end of the month. Updates have been made to the browser’s V8 Javascript engine to enable protection against these speculative side-channel attacks.

Besides the Meltdown And Spectre Security Patches that comes with the new Chrome 64, Google also redeemed another promise they made to their Chrome users and that is the addition of Adblocking scripts and feature. Chrome can safeguard users against sites with abusive experiences which throw tons of unwanted content (Ads) in front of the users when they click something. The new Chrome browser will also prevent harmful auto-redirects on sites unless the user has interacted with the content.

Another interesting feature of the new Chrome 64 besides the silent ads blocking, Meltdown And Spectre Security Patches is the introduction of HDR (High Dynamic Range) support exclusive to Windows 10 machines. However, compatible hardware and software would be required to run HDR videos which of course includes the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and HDR-compatible monitor and GPU.

Users can also do something and take control of some annoying sounds with the new Chrome 64 which is also an Improvements to Chrome’s settings. You can click the green padlock in the address bar to mute audio in site settings. The same can be resolved by visiting Settings >>> Advanced >>> Content Settings (under Privacy and Security) >>> Sound. Here you can add the websites for which you want to disable audio.

The new update which comes almost a month after Google pushed the Chrome 64 beta will take a few days to reach all the devices. Chrome will update automatically which isn't a surprise at all or, you can go to Settings >>> Help >>> About Google Chrome.

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