Be Informed And Earn: Best Free Music Player App For Android - January 2018

Friday, January 12, 2018

Best Free Music Player App For Android - January 2018

Music they say is the language of the soul, it gives our minds some level of sanity and insanity as well. But to stay on the positive side, music helps in many ways you can imagine, it keeps us company when we are alone at home, school, office, bus etc. Now, most Android phones come with default music players but the truth is that they most times don't have the features that we want, besides the regular pause, play, forward and backward. So in this article, I am going to review my top 5 best free music player app for Android phones.
best music player app for android free

#1.   Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar Music Player is free and lightweight music player apps available on Google Play Store. It is ad-free, sleek and simple with a beautifully crafted user interface and animation. You can even customize the interface with different color themes. Pulsar’s library view can be sorted by album, artist, genre or folders.

Several Features of Pulsar Music Player Includes:

==>>   Gapless playback

==>>   Supports Chromecast

==>>   Supports home-screen widget

==>>   Has an inbuilt music tag editor

==>>   Awesome 5-band equalizer(though is only available in pro version)

==>> scrobbling ect.

#2.   Phonograph Music Player

I know the name of this player sounds somehow, but Phonograph Music Player is unique in many ways. For starters, it is visually enticing with a neat material design user interface. The UI is dynamic so as to match colour of the contents on your phone's screen. Its theme engine allows you to customize the player as you want. Not only is this player good looking but also rich in features such as.

==>>   it automatically downloads missing information about the now playing media including album covers from the internet.

==>>   The tag editor in this player allows you to easily edit the tags such as title, artist for single songs or whole albums. 

==>>   The library is categorized into songs, albums, artists, and playlists.

==>>   Playback options and controls on the lockscreen

==>>   Gapless playback

==>>   Sleep timer and of course, in-app purchases

#3.   Pi Music Player

There isn't much to say about Pi Music Player other than it is sleek, beautiful and it comes with some regular and special features of music players such as
==>>   Sleep Timer

==>>   Widget support

==>>   Ringtone Cutter 

==>>   A 5-band built-in equalizer lets you enjoy any kind of music with Bass Boost, 3D Reverb Effects, Virtualizer and ten amazing presets.

==>>   You can share anything like tracks, albums, genres and multiple playlists with anyone straight from the app

It is free for download at Google Play Store with a few ads, but you are welcome to make additional purchases for an ad-free experience.

4.   n7player Music Player

A kicker about n7player Music Player is that it comes with a whopping (and did I forget to mention) advanced 10-band equalizer where you can customize music to your taste. It has an innovative surface search and a stylish user interface where you can simply zoom-in & out to view any music file you desire. 

Several Features of n7player Are:

==>>   Advanced 10-band equalizer

==>>   Gapless playback

==>>   Bass boost and sound virtualization effects

==>>   Tag editor for editing music details

==>>   Themes

==>>   Sleep timer

==>>   Widget, etc.

n7player comes with a 14days free trial period, after which you can buy the full version from Google Play Store with a minimal amount to explore and enjoy all its features.

#5.   Musixmatch

Musixmatch is a recommended music player apps for song lovers who want to listen to their favourite tracks and learn the lyrics as well. You can view music lyrics via its floating lyrics widget which is also synced in real-time. 

Also, you can view lyrics to songs even while using Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, etc. Several features of Musixmatch includes

==>>   You can search songs by title, artist or just a single line of lyrics, which reminds of one of the 4 awesome features of Google Pixel you should definitely try.

==>>   Displays music lyrics even on the lock screen and are synced perfectly.

==>>   Lyrics can still be viewed even outside the app depending on your preferences.

So that is all about the best free music player app for Android, but you should know that these apps mentioned here aren't the only music player apps available in Google Play store. There are tons of other great Android music player apps but the list will go on and on if I'd list them. So keep it neat, short and simple, we have only five for now. Feel free to explore other Android music player apps and do share with others.

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