Be Informed And Earn: 9Mobile Finally Sold - See The New Owners of 9Mobile

Monday, January 29, 2018

9Mobile Finally Sold - See The New Owners of 9Mobile

The race to become the new owner of 9Mobile which started in 2017 has finally come to end and now the telecommunications company is under new ownership. 1 out of the 16 initial bidders of EMTS (now 9mobile) emerged the owner, some companies were kicked off the race while some stepped down.
9Mobile Finally Sold -  See The New Owners of 9Mobile

It was gathered that Dangote Group (Telecom unit), Bharti Airtel and others were kicked out in the fourth round, even Glo that seemed promising was kicked out in the third round and finally, Smile Telecom Holding was defeated leaving Teleology Holding to emerge the winner and new owners of 9mobile.

Bharti Airtel considered their options and pulled out of the race in the acquisition of 9mobile over insinuations that whoever takes over the mantle of ownership of 9mobile may face mounting debt.

ThisDay reports that a staff of 9Mobile who spoke to the news agency in anonymity expressed excitements as none of the major telecoms company operating in the country emerged the winner. The staff said  “this news is like a double whopper burger for us (current 9Mobile employees). I can tell you there is an air of jubilation amongst the staff of 9mobile now. We did not want any of the existing operators to acquire 9mobile as they would end up sacking people and throwing people into the unemployment market under the guise of right-sizing the business.”

NCC is yet to make an official statement and announcement of this new development but for now, we say congratulations to Telelogy Holdings for emerging the winner and the new owners of 9mobile

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