Sunday, December 3, 2017

Ubuntu Unity Remix May be the Next Ubuntu “Unity” Flavor In Future

We all know that Canonical migrated from Unity desktop environment to GNOME starting from Ubuntu 17.10, though the ditched Unity desktop environment wasn't forgotten entirely. 
Ubuntu Unity Remix May be the Next Ubuntu “Unity” Flavor In Future
Canonical tried to keep some Unity feel and gave the new GNOME edition a makeover but many users welcomed this step and of course many people expressed their concerns and support for Ubuntu Unity.

In recent developments, it looks like some members of the Ubuntu family are making efforts to turn Ubuntu Unity into an official LTS distribution of Unity, and this proposal has already gotten the backing of a former Compiz/Unity dev.

Also, many Canonical employees are offering their support to the same. So if things play out as hope, then the Linux family will get another official Ubuntu flavor, which I am sure that many wouldn't mind.

But while you get excited about the possibility of Ubuntu Unity Remix which might be the next Ubuntu “Unity” Flavor in the future, you might wanna remember that Canonical abandoned Unity project, hence a great deal of effort would definitely be needed to turn Unity 7 into a continuously updated and maintained desktop.
Ubuntu Unity Remix May be the Next Ubuntu “Unity” Flavor In Future
You can keep track of the latest developments related to Ubuntu Unity development here in the community probably cast your own vote as well and Also, there’s an Ubuntu 18.04-based Unity image as well for trying out.

What are your thoughts on this? Should Canonical give an official flavor status to Ubuntu Unity Remix?

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