Be Informed And Earn: This Developer Made His Face Invisible With The Help of an iPhone X

Thursday, December 28, 2017

This Developer Made His Face Invisible With The Help of an iPhone X

iPhone X is just a reminder of an old saying which goes like this a tool in the hands of a gardener is a weapon in the hands of a warrior. iPhone X was is without a doubt the most expensive smartphone in the market, launched with a standing ovation but later hit a bump after its facial recognition was fooled by a 3D mask.
This Developer Made His Face Invisible With The Help of an iPhone X

Shortly after that incident, the internet was filled with a video of the same iPhone failing to differentiate between a mother and her son. In the YouTube video released, it was clearly shown how the iPhone X failed to know the difference between a mom and her son, thereby giving the son the ability to unlock her mom's iPhone X with his own face.

Now, these 2 events really made a lot of people to question the iPhone X because nobody would want to spend a thousand bucks and not have a 100% guarantee on the product they are buying. But despite all these doubts, Kazuya Noshiro, A Japanese app developer saw a tool out of the iPhone X and he made a remarkable invention or should I say development out of it.

The Japanese app developer tweeted a 10 seconds video preview of an app he’s working on that camouflages a user’s face with the background. The brief, ten-second video shows Noshiro moving his transparent face around to reveal the contents of his home through his head.

I will admit, the effect is like a little creepy, see-through beauty mask that is similar to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. According to Noshiro’s tweets, the app was made on the game development platform, Unity and uses a fixed camera position to shoot a background in order to create the illusion. 

However, There’s no word yet on when the app will be released or what exactly it will be used for.

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