Be Informed And Earn: Samsung's Future Phones Could Retrieve Your Phone's Password Using Your Palm

Monday, December 4, 2017

Samsung's Future Phones Could Retrieve Your Phone's Password Using Your Palm

21st century is the century of information technology and tust me, don't think yet that you've seen the best of technology inventions in 2017 because of of these giant tech compamies can take your socks off at any time. Samsung not long after they launched a fatest charging battery ever seen in the history of mobile devices now thinks the palm would be a good way to give the user a password hint displayed on a screen.
Samsung's Future Phones Could Retrieve Your Phone's Password Using Your Palm
Forgotten password? Samsung's future phones could retrieve it using your palm

However, it is important to not that several smartphones now feature some unique ways of security identification plus other features that supports realtime human-phone interatction. Like the iPhone X's Augmented Reality and face ID, fingerprint sensors and the possibility of iris scanner.

So basically, Samsung's passoword retreival via palm will function as the same ways with the already existing smartphones with similar features. Samsung went further to explain that the lines of a user's palm will become the key to revealing a password in any case they forget their password. Samsung depicts the hint as incomplete letters that are seemingly randomly positioned on the screen.

However, the position of each partial letter is customized to the original user's palm. When users hold their palm up to the rear camera of their Samsung phone, the scanner will read, analyze and  if the device recognizes it, the lines of the palm displayed on the screen help reveal the characters in a password. Giving them just a hint to their passowrd and not necessarily reveal their passord in correct order.

This technique could become one more way that Samsung uses to enable identification without needing a fingerprint scanner that takes up screen space. Samsung have no plans in making it to be a primary way unlock a device besides the already available methods, such as facial recognition and iris scanning. 

However, if Samsung were to roll-out this approach as an alternative unlock, it would be a lot cheaper to implement than the iPhone X's failed camera array for Face ID.

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