Be Informed And Earn: 10 Smart Ways To Give Life To Your Old Smartphone and Give it a New Purpose

Sunday, December 10, 2017

10 Smart Ways To Give Life To Your Old Smartphone and Give it a New Purpose

As the years go by, smartphones that were produced in previous years are becoming outdated. New high-end smartphones are being produced with specs that will wow your socks off. So with the fast trends of smartphone production, most Android phone users change their phones once in every 2 years, while less than 2 years. So once you've upgraded to a new smartphone, automatically your previous phone gets outdated, and you will be left to wonder, what will I do with an old phone? And to answer your question, here are 10 smart ways to re-purpose your old Android smartphone and give it a new life.
10 Smart Ways To Give Life To Your Old Smartphone and Give it a New Purpose

#1  You Can Use it as a Remote Controller

This might come as a surprise to most people but the fact is that you can use a smartphone as a universal remote controller. Instead of leaving that smartphone to be lying around aimlessly, you can use apps like Sure and Any-Mote Smart and transform that old phone of yours into a smart-remote for your homes and offices. Of cos to use any of these apps, your phone must have IR Blaster, however, using the app in phones that don't have the IR blaster will cost you a little amount of money to set it up.

#2  Computer Mouse

Your Phone can be used to control your PC as well, whether it is a home PC or an office PC. Several free apps like PC Remote or its best alternative paid app like Unified Remote is all you need to turn your older smartphone into a computer mouse and make it useful again. Don't worry about your Mac/Windows or Linux server because these apps are very much compatible with these platforms.

Installing any of these apps on your device gives you a flexible access to control your PC from any corner of a room via Wifi or Bluetooth. Moreover, some apps let you control your PC from anywhere in the world over the internet. So you can use your outdated Android device for such remote administration applications. 

#3   You Can Use Your Old Phone as an Alarm Clock

Your smartphone is primarily produced to make and receive phone calls and text messages. But the complex programming and coding of the software that posers these phones make it possible for them to do more than just calls and texts. But with time the hardware components of these phones can become weary and might not be able to function efficiently like the way they used to. So when that happens, using your phone as a bedside alarm clock is one of the cools ways you can make an old phone become useless again.

There are all sorts of alarm clock apps that do everything from playing specific radio station to recording your sleep patterns. Get yourself an excellent clock app from the Google Play Store, such as Timely (free) or Alarm Clock Xtreme (both are free apps). Also, you can buy yourself a cheap smartphone dock, and you’ve got a customizable alarm clock to set beside your bed.

#4   You Can Use it as a Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are like your regular photo frames but with the ability to store digital images and display them at intervals. You can quickly turn your old Android phone into a digital photo frame that can display photos or slideshows. There are already several apps in the Google Play Store like Photo Slides or Daydream which are both free apps.

#5   Use it as a Calender

Google Calendar app is a good utility app that you can use to make your old phone to become useful again and it can be a simple addition to your living room or your office desk. Besides Google Calendar, Cal Calendar is another alternative of a good calendar and events app so go ahead and sync your calendar events from your tablet or existing phone and have them show on your new modified desk calendar.

#6   As a Mounted GPS for Your Car

Get a car phone mount and convert that your old smartphone that has been lying aimlessly into a permanent GPS for your car. Then install navigational apps like Waze, Co-Pilot GPS, Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps or your Google Maps to automatically handle navigation tasks while you're behind the wheels.

#7   Monitoring Through Live Video Feed

Your old smartphone can serve as a CCTV camera or a camera screen, and I am not going to ask you if you need an extra set of eyes to watch your home, because I know you do. Install a security camera app like IP Webcam which is a free app on the Google Play Store.

The IP webcam can broadcast both locally and over a service called ‘Ivideon’ so that you can view your stream live from anywhere. You can also use the camera to monitor a baby, kitty-cam or use it in on your front door.

#8   As an E-Reader

When we talked about things you can do with your smartphone in offline mode, using your phone to read e-books. And your old smartphone that might not handle heavy tasks can sure handle a lightweight task like opening and reading an electronic book.

Most recent phones come pre-installed with apps that can let you open e-books, but as for the older smartphones, I recommend you install Amazon Kindle or Google Play Books which are both free apps. And to make sure that your old smartphone doesn't get too much to handle, then you can do well to disable notification.

#9   Media Center

You don't really need an active internet data connection to do this, you can create a virtual connection and link the various gadgets in your home to it and I am sure that your old smartphone won't be left out.

Your old Android device, once connected to your home network and loaded up with your favorite music and movies, can be considered as a media center to stream content around your home. Just load up your collection on the device and install any of the standard apps, such as Kodi, MX Player or VLC, and you are good to go.

#10   Friendly Learning Tools for Kids and Minors

By adding a restricted user profile to your Android device and installing a good number of fun and educational apps, you can turn your old Android phone into a kid-friendly learning device and dedicate the phone primarily to your child’s education.

Just as Facebook messenger Kids, you as a parent or legal guardian will have a complete control over the phone. And if you own an Android phone that boots Android 7.0 Nougat, you can you can try “Google Family Link” program to get more robust control over your child's or ward's phone, including abilities to set screen-time limits and receive weekly activity reports.

Besides the above listed 10 ways you can make your old less useful smartphone become very much useful again, there are several other ways/options you can explore and they are 

✅    Your device can be used as a Wifi repeater by using apps like Netshare.

✅    If you are a developer, you can use your spare Android for testing purposes.

✅    Use your device as a fitness tracker by loading it with fitness tracking apps.

✅    You can turn it into an online radio for your bedside table with apps like TuneIn Radio.

✅    If you use your old Android as a car navigation device, you can also use it as a dashcam by installing an app like Autoboy Dash Cam.

In some cases, selling the phone would be the best option for you, but you can also swap the phone for a new brand phone if the option for that is available. And if you find these cool ways of using your old Android device to be helpful? Share with your friends and drop your reviews in the comments.

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