Be Informed And Earn: This is “Xenialpup” - Puppy Linux 7.5 Lightweight Distro

Thursday, December 7, 2017

This is “Xenialpup” - Puppy Linux 7.5 Lightweight Distro

Puppy Linux is one of my top recommended lightweight Linux Distro for both beginners and other users with a low specs PC or older machines. To make sure that your old machine can still be used to do a handful of work, developers of Puppy Linux just released the Puppy Linux 7.5 Lightweight code-named “Xenialpup”, packaged in small size. This Linux distro is also known for its ability to be built using the packages from other distros like Ubuntu and Slackware and above all, it is still compatible with 32bit machines.

Lightweight Distro Puppy Linux 7.5 “Xenialpup”
Despite the previous rumors of ending support for i86 processors, Puppy Linux 7.5 (“Xenialpup”) is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Which is not bad, considering the fact that the distro generally, is aimed at aging machines with low hardware specifications. While 32-bit version is based on 4.4.95-noPAE for better compatibility, 64-bit version comes with 4.9.58 to provide latest hardware support. Also, this version of Puppy Linux is built using packages from Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus release, the ISO image is just 330MB big, and it runs entirely in RAM.

Whats in With The “Xenialpup” - Puppy Linux 7.5 Lightweight Distro?

The major components that were seen in “Xenialpup” - Puppy Linux 7.5 includes

✔   JWM window manager

✔   ROX file manager

✔   Palemoon browser

✔   Claws-mail client. 
✔   You also get applications for FTP, Torrent and chat.

✔   MPV media player which is indeed one of the best Linux multimedia player for Linux machines, and also comes loaded with Deadbeef so you are sure for the best sounds

Also included are Quickpet utility, Abiword word processor, Gnumeric spreadsheet program, and Samba file sharing.

How to Download and Install  “Xenialpup” - Puppy Linux 7.5 Lightweight Distro?

To use  Puppy Linux 7.5 “Xenialpup” Lightweight Distro, there are 2 options to choose from. But first, download the ISO file for both 32bit and 54bit from here. Then you can directly run/boot the OS from an external CD, USB, SD card, or network access. Or you perform the traditional full installation. 

So if you've ever wondered what is the best Linux Distro for any older or aging machine, then you definitely need Puppy Linux Xenialpup.

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