Be Informed And Earn: Google's New “Datally” App Can Help You Save up to 30% of Your Mobile Data

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Google's New “Datally” App Can Help You Save up to 30% of Your Mobile Data

A typical average Android user spends between 3 to 4 gigabyte of mobile data every month just for browsing social media, chatting with friends and contacts and streaming a few videos while at it. But some areas, getting 3 to 4gb internet data which you can be sure to last your for one month can be really really challenging. So, Google after releasing files Go has launched another app called “Datally” and its sole purpose is to help you save a few megabytes of data while using your phone.
Google's New “Datally” App Can Help You Save up to 30% of Your Mobile Data

The app, “Datally” was introduced towards the end of November 2017, available to Android phones running on Google's Android 5.0 Lolipop and later. It is free and is already available for download in the Play Store and isn't limited to the United States, which is unlike Google.

Like I said earlier, “Datally” can be used to monitor and save mobile data, you can use it to see your hourly, daily, weekly or monthly data usage basis and get recommendations for how you can save more. To save data, you can turn on the Data Saver feature to block background data usage and track consumption in real time. The app also will alert you when public Wi-Fi is nearby. 

I previously wrote an article on how best to minimize and reduce mobile data usage, but I can understand that sometimes the guidelines mentioned there can be a little overwhelming for an average smartphone user to implement. So in this case, Google's “Datally” can come in handy because it comes with all these mobile data saving tips packed in a few settings and can easily be enabled with a few touches.

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Saving data is important for people using smartphones irrespective of their country, because most of the everyday used apps pack in more features that suck up bandwidth. It's also key in less developed nations as Google tries to expand with its "Next Billion Users" push. 

Google's Datally was taken for a trial spin/testing in Philipines and users saved up to 30 percent of their data. Download the app today and explore its mobile data saving features and let us know how it goes.

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