Be Informed And Earn: Google Go - A New Less Data Consumption Google Search App

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Google Go - A New Less Data Consumption Google Search App

One of my many reasons for not using the official Google search app on my Android phone because it not only occupies a huge amount of storage space, but it also consumes even a larger amount of data. So Google in their quest to make Android better, besides releasing Android Oreo (Go edition) for lower specs Android phones, has released another mobile data friendly app called Google Go.
Google Go - A New Less Data Consumption Google Search App
Google Go is a data-friendly search app that will replace the regular default Google search app that comes pre-installed on most Android phones. It consumes a lower amount of mobile do deliver search results, thus making it the best alternative to the regular Google app. This app lets you search Google, but it's tuned for situations where mobile data might not be available consistently or cheaply. Google GO also lets users save search results or pages for offline viewing, get notifications when search results are ready, and load "lite" versions of pages.

Google Go search app is focused on enabling search discovery beyond search, and there is a good chance that Google's policy on delivering search results based on locations might not apply to it, which will indeed be a good thing if that would be the case. Besides being optimized to deliver good results, the new Google search app will come in handy when you are in a location of a terrible network connection.

The app will also feature a summary of an answer to a user's query, which is displayed on top of Google search results called “featured snippets”, related content to search results, and suggested topics. There’s also support for trending searches, and you can use voice inputs for search, too.

Google Go has already made a debut 4 months ago under a different name called search lite and is now made available for official download and use but for some selected Android users. And you can get it here from Google Play store.

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