Be Informed And Earn: Google Just Released Android Oreo (Go Edition) For Lower Specs Android Phone

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Google Just Released Android Oreo (Go Edition) For Lower Specs Android Phone

Android Go is Google's lower version of Android 8.0 Oreo which was officially launched a few months ago. According to Google, Android Oreo Go edition is a low-end version of our mobile operating system, which is primarily created for emerging markets with low-data speed. 
Google Just Released Android Oreo (Go Edition) For Lower Specs Android Phone
Android Oreo Go edition made its debut at this year's Google I/O conference. Its codes have been made available to OEMs and mobile smartphone makers, which means that it will be available to the customers in a near future. After the release, OEMs can start producing the low-end phones powered by Android Oreo Go. The lower version Android OS will be able to run on smartphones that have a minimum of 512mb RAM and will comprise of three major components:

✔    Improved OS with security benefits and better data management

✔    New set of Google apps for lighter experience: Google Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, Google Play, Chrome, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, and Files Go

✔    Specially crafted Play Store that highlights apps designed to work best on Android Oreo Go

Google claims that compatible Android Oreo (Go edition) will be lighter and will be 15% faster than apps on the regular Android apps. 

There will be more free storage for users as Google preinstalled apps will only take up about 50% of the whole internal space. But there is no confirmation if Android 8.1 auto storage manage feature will work on Android Oreo Go edition.

With the help of default data saver features, one can manage which apps that suck background data. On the security front, Google Play Protect will work round the clock to scan the app installs, it works even if you’re offline or when you’ve downloaded an app from a third party app store.

There’s no word on the availability of Android Oreo Go devices in the US or Europe, Indians are the first to enjoy this, then followed by the rest of the Android market.

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