Be Informed And Earn: Facebook Agrees it Causes Mental Health Risk, But Using “More Facebook” Gives its Users a Relief

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Facebook Agrees it Causes Mental Health Risk, But Using “More Facebook” Gives its Users a Relief

Are there any bad effects of Facebook or any other social media? Is using Facebook good for us? Are they really releavant or did we just took something that isn't relevant and made it rellevant. This has been a question that has been on the minds of many before now. And now reserachers from Facebook, the biggest social media company has tried to provide the much-needed but indecisive answer to this question before it gets too late.
Facebook Agrees it Causes Mental Heath Risk, But Using “More Facebook” Gives its Users a Relief

Of a truth is that it's not entirely bad, and it sure ain't a life saver. Looking on the positive side, users who are actively engaged and are interracting with others via posts, comments, messages etc show greater signs of improved well-being than the ones involved in passively consuming content like scrolling through the news feed.

Negative effect of social media interaction can be observed in the case of users that are constantly viewing the content uploaded by others. According to a Yale University survey People who clicked four times as many links than an average person or hit like buttons almost twice went through worse mental health than an average person. It could be hypothesized that reading about others leads to negative social comparison.

However, staying active and engaged in the form of having more one-to-one interactions and exchanging more comments, messages, and timeline posts with friends, proved to be an easier to get over depression and loneliness. Also, browsing one’s own Facebook timeline boosts the feeling of self-affirmation which comes from the recollection of meaningful interactions from the past.

However, it is important to note that the use of social media and mobile technology is a rising cause of depression, not just among teens anymore, but afults as well. You'd agree with me that adults and kids today are spending a lot of time in front of screens or hand glued onto their phones. In a Ted talk, psychologist Sherry Turkle asserted that mobile devices are redefining modern relationships and making people “alone together.”

It no longer a supprise that social media social media distracts or even prevents people from having a real-life social interactions. Most people (couples, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc) now feel comfortable talking to a stranger they met online, in lieu of having a real converstaion with whomever it is they are having trouble with and settle thier dispute. Recent study by a sociologist’s view of public spaces cited that people spend more time in public now, tend to use cell phones more when they’re alone at public places, rather than ignoring friends.

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What is The Solution?

The blog post released by Facebook cliams that continous efforts are being made to  to “make Facebook more about social interaction and less about spending time.” I give a huged thanks to the soacial giants for acknowledging the bad influence on people. 

Over they years with 2017 being the year Facebook rolled out the most features, there's been a handful of tools that options that lets uers that charge and control of their Facebook account. Some of these tools includes;

-  Snooze which  allows Facebook users to mute a person or Facebook Page for up to 30 days without the need of unfollowing, blocking or unfriending them.

-  Take a Break which helps people who have ended their relationship, allowing them to stop seeing content related to their exes and control what the exes can look on their profile.

And the recent demand for pictures as security checks which is geared to weed out fake Facebook accounts from the original ones.

Final Opinions

Facebook isn’t all bad, and our mental well-being the effects you get from using Facebook or any other socual media depends depends on “how you use those social media.” But if you think that none of these options a=or solutions is working for you, then you are allowed to temporry deactivate or permanently delete your Facebook account. Or you you coud just take a break from the internet completely.

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