Be Informed And Earn: An Open Source Android-alternative Smartphone Called “eelo” is Being Developed By Mandrake Linux Creator

Thursday, December 21, 2017

An Open Source Android-alternative Smartphone Called “eelo” is Being Developed By Mandrake Linux Creator

Since 1998 to know, Gaël Duval's Mandriva Linux which was formally known as Mandrake Linux has been in existence. The open source OS came to be out of Gaël Duval's love for open source. In those years of late 1990s, many Linux enthusiasts began their journey with this easy-to-install/user-friendly Linux distro. Eventually, matters arose between Duval and Mandriva management, and he was laid off by the company in 11 years ago.

eelo Open Source mobile OS

Gaël Duval being a passionate lover of open source didn't stop there, he began working on several projects and recently he just made it known to the world that his latest project call eelo mobile OS which based on Lineage OS. In his announcement post, he said clearly that he isn't pleased that the current smartphone and mobile OS is dominated by Apple and Google.
Gaël went on to say that it makes sense now as iOS is closed source and Google leaves no stones unturned to track its users. “Last, I think that, in the long run, Apple, Google, Facebook etc. business models are harmful for our economical and social environments,”.

To contribute toward having some privacy while making use of these smartphones, Purism has already unveiled Librem 5 and shortly after Purism hit their $1.5million crowdfundingposmarketOS declared their intention in this quest for privacy. And now, Gaël Duval in his own way has joined hands and effort to gain his (and others’) privacy back by creating an open source mobile OS named eelo; it’ll be based on LineageOS. 

Details of eelo Open Source Mobile OS

New custom builds of the eelo Open Source mobile OS are being tested on a LeEco Le2 smartphone; and their on-going work to bring to the new OS to Xiaomi Mi 5S and LG G6. A new launcher named “BlissLauncher” has been created and you can find the details. Alternative web-services that would be eelo-compatible to make sure that the OS performs without any hiccups are currently being reviewed as well, you can find all the details here and a 20 seconds YouTube demo video of eelo open source mobile OS live on a smartphone.

For searches and web features, the eelo mobile OS team is looking at Google alternatives like DuckDuckGo and Qwant, which is a race I can say with confidence that the California tech and search engine giants won't win.

The mobile OS may come pre-installed with several Android apps like F-Droid, APKPure, and Telegram, There will also be an implementation of OnlyOffice+NextCloud, OpenStreetMaps, iRedMail, etc.
 Details About eelo Open Source Mobile OS

The eelo mobile OS project which is currently running a Kickstarter campaign with an aim to deliver a product with:

✅   Open source OS with new default OS and UI

✅   Web services like search, cloud storage, and recovery integrated

✅   Updates for 3+ years

✅   Focus on privacy

The team went on to their Kickstarter page and made it know that “The eelo project will release attractive “privacy-enabled” smartphone ROMs and smartphones for the average user, with associated web-services,” which is indeed very reassuring speech that many would like to hear especially now Google didn't deny that they've been following everyone around even with your phone and location turned off.

More updates on eelo open source mobile OS by Gaël Duval will be shared as soon as they are made known. But in the meantime, you can visit their Kickstarter page and website for more information on eelo mobile OS.

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