Be Informed And Earn: Convergence Turns Your Ubuntu Phone Into Desktop PC - Here is How

Monday, December 25, 2017

Convergence Turns Your Ubuntu Phone Into Desktop PC - Here is How

One of the features that make a particular system to be a good system is the ability of that system to be able to integrate and work seamlessly with another independent system. Linux which is primarily used on PC must have a common ground with Android or Windows and vice versa. Anbox and the most recent Linux on Galaxy which will soon be full-fledged are pretty good examples of seamless integration between systems. 
How to Turn Ubuntu Phone into Desktop PC with Convergence

And now Convergence lets you turn your Ubuntu Phone into Desktop PC and makes easier to access your desktop screen from your mobile device. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed. So in this article, we will be having a look at the guide to Turn Ubuntu Phone into Desktop PC with Convergence app

The idea of turning your Ubuntu phone into a desktop PC might sound like a rocket science but it is actually as easy as a walk in the park. The initial thing we'll have to do is to get access the preinstalled app named “Convergence” on Ubuntu device and then set it up with further settings described in below steps. 

It is important to note that basic use of this app is for running the desktop on the smart TV through the Ubuntu smartphone so you should have the perfect updated version of this app

Now after the initial setup and requirement, you will need to connect up the wireless mouse and keyboard to your Ubuntu device through Bluetooth, for that go to the Ubuntu Touch and then pair these accessories. You may not be able to use your Ubuntu phone touch to control up to the projected desktop on the smart TV so you will need to connect the keyboard as well as the mouse.
Convergence Turns Your Ubuntu Phone into Desktop PC

The last part is to head to the settings of the Ubuntu device ==>>  Brightness and Display  ==>>  and wireless TV or the display in the search box and then connect to it by tapping on it. This will cast the Desktop OS on your wireless display or the Smart TV.

The best part about running your Ubuntu phone on a desktop PC with the help of convergence is that it wouldn't stop you from using HDMI on your device even when the cast screen is active. Everything will work just fine without any interference.

And that is how you can easily turn your Ubuntu smartphone into a Desktop PC. This will come very much in handy to those people who do not want to carry up the heavy laptops or other devices with them to fulfill their desktop related needs. The Spontaneous Pop-up Display, SPUD has been found valuable and can also serve a similar purpose in case you've forgotten about it.

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