Be Informed And Earn: Top 5 Best Free Password Manager Software For Your PC

Friday, December 29, 2017

Top 5 Best Free Password Manager Software For Your PC

You've already been wondering what is best password manager software for your PC, then you probably made a Google search of best free password manager apps and software? Well, whichever the case might be, this article is just meant for you. Keeping a strong and hard to crack password is a necessary thing to protect yourself online, but one has to take enough pain to remember strong passwords.
Best Free Password Manager Software

That is why there are tons of password manager software or vaults that are available on the internet and in this article, we are going to have an in-depth review on 5 best password manager software for your PC that you can try in 2018 which is just a few hours away.

Like I said earlier, choosing a password is simple, the challenge rises when you struggle to remember these password. if you are the forgetful type, then I implore you to take one of these password managers you partner, because they can surely come in handy when remembering your password seems to be a challenge for you, but before we delve into that, let us know what a vault or password manager is and what are the uses.

What is a Password Manager, What is The use of a Password Manager or Password Vault?

A password manager, also known as password vault is a tool that is designed to remember your credentials by storing them in an encrypted form and provide the details whenever you require them. This is way better than writing down your credentials in a notebook or some text file, only to be read by someone or compromised by a hacker.

Types of Password Manager:

Password managers can come in 3 broad types, they are

1.   Password manager apps: 

This one is installed on your system and is stored/accessed locally.

2.   The Web-based Password Managers:

Here password data are stored on cloud servers, and/or specially designed hardware that store passwords (like the TPM chip).

3.   Hardware-based Password Manager:

Here passwords are primarily stored by a hardware that can be accessed through biometrics confirmation such as fingerprint, retina, etc.

However, it is important not mention that most password managers in this century are cross-platform. Meaning that they can be stored or accessed via an app, web-based or hardware-based.

Best Free Password Manager Apps 2018 

Now that we've learned what password manager is and the types of password manager, let us dive into the best password manager software you can try out today, they include

#1.   Enpass Password Manager

Enpass Password Manager is a free password manager tool that can be used on a variety of platform like Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, etc. and can store unlimited number of passwords for desktops and PC, but limited to only 20 passwords fro 20 different accounts for Android phones.

The free version of Enpass Password Manager comes with a number of features including cloud backup, fingerprint support, family support, password generator, AES-256 bit encryption, web form autofill, data import, etc.

#2.   Symantec Norton Identity Safe

Symantec is owned and managed by the popular Norton antivirus group. It is a goo, safe and highly recommended free password manager and there is no paid version of this password manager tool. So, there is no cutting of benefits.

Symantec not only encrypts and stores your passwords, it also comes with a free password genertaing tool, so that you won't make the mistake of choosing a worse, less secure password for your accounts and devices

Symantec also has a feature that let users to securely export/import passwords and other credentials which will be saved in a .csv file with easy synchronization feature across desktop and mobile phones.

#3.   LogMeOnce

This pssword is manager is available in free and premium versions, but for an individual that loves his/her privacy, the free version with do just fine. It comes with some amazing features like;

==>>   Password analyzer which analyzes passwords saved in your PC and automatically prompts that weaker password should be changed

==>>   It also includes one-click functionality to automatically change your weak passwords 

==>>   Two-factor authentication options

==>>   Password strength report

==>>   Cross-device sync

==>>   Biometrics support

==>>   Secure password sharing, digital wallet, etc.

LogMeOnce password manager comes with a feature that allows a user to add a beneficiary who will gain full control of the password vault in case anything happens to him/her.

#4.   TrueKey

TrueKey password mamanger  is a well known, cross-platform password manager that supports macOS, iOS, and Android. It has a web support for browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

It is a simple multi-functional password vault with features like facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, Windows Hello, two-step verification, etc. 

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A traditional password manager would require a master password to save and encrypt data but with TrueKey, you can easily get away with having the master key and use one of your devices for authentication.

TrueKey comes with a password generator tool and a digital wallet which comes in handy for storing of personal information. The data related to your login credentials are encrypted and stored locally and can be synced across devices on which the password manager is used.

A notable downside of TrueKey is that you only get to save 15 password with it, unlike EnPass Password manager in #1 above that give 20 free spaces.

#5.   DashLane

This password manager is free without any premium version and gives unlimited spaces for encrypting and saving password. It supports several platforms like Android, iOS, macOS,Windows etc.

DashLane password manager is designed to protect user(s) credentials using AES-256 bit encryption and then stores them locally. It comes with several features like auto fill, when comes handy in filling forms and provides automatic logins

==>>  2-factor authentication

==>>  Import/export of credentials, etc.

==>>  A digital wallet to store credit cards, debit cards, and other payment details. 

==>>  A password generator tool and a dedicated interface to change multiple passwords with ease.

One notable downside of Dashlane is that though it can store unlimited password in the free version, it can not be share across devices, meaning that 1 device is for 1 Dashlane password manager.

Do I Need a Password Manager?

Yes, you do need a password manager if you are among the people who often forget their passwords and end up creating multiple accounts on the same website or forum.

In fact, there is no harm in using a password manager even if you have great memory and can easily recall your passwords even if it'd been long time you used them. There are many free password manager apps available and this list contains the Top 5  Best Free Password Manager Software For Your PC, but you are welcome to explore and find more for yourself.

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