Be Informed And Earn: 10 iPhone iMessage Texting Tips You Wish You Knew All Along

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

10 iPhone iMessage Texting Tips You Wish You Knew All Along

It is very common and annoying that you'd send a message to someone, be anticipating their reply but it never came. And there are one of many reasons why most folks never reply texts, one of which is that they dumped their phone because it's been constantly buzzing so they'd ignore all those notification. When this happens you will miss texts messages or your response won't be prompt and then you will spend time apologizing. So to make texting easier for you, here are some of the features in iMessage that can help prevent your texts from taking over your life.
iPhone texting tricks

#1.   Mute Alert on Groups

Message alerts from groups can be a little too much to handle especially when they come every 2 seconds. You can mute or unmute these alerts, from the list of messages, swipe left and then tap the purple Hide Alerts button. You'll see a little crescent-moon icon to the left, indicating that its alerts are snoozing. (You can always swipe and tap Show Alerts if you want back in on the alerts.)

#2.   Give Names to Groups

It is sometimes difficult to identify different groups especially if you have multiple active groups chats. So the best thing to do is to label these groups for easy identification,  tap on the "i" icon in the top right and then tap Enter a Group Name at the top. Now, the name you give it will appear on your messages list instead of a less-than-useful partial list of names.

#3.   No Alert Repeat

Personally, I get bugged when my phone chirps or make sounds when messages are coming from the same sender. Normally, your phone alerts you whenever a new message arrives but would alert you if those messages came at an interval of 2  to 3 mins. When this happens, I apply my one msg one alert policy by going to Settings >>> Notifications > >> Messages >>> Repeat Alerts and choose Never to stop text alerts from repeating.

#4.   Special Tone For Special Someone

Not every contact on your list is that important and not every message is important as well. In the same manner, not every text that arrives carries the same level of importance. Personally, every bit of hi's and hello's from my spouse supersedes the importance of every other message from other contacts, so I gave that special someone a specially personalized alert. Simply go to your Contacts app, tap Edit and scroll down to Text Tone and select something other than Default.

#5.   Block a Contact

You have the option to decide who message you and who doesn't. This option comes very much in handy if someone's been pestering you via texts and been texting you in a way that makes you uncomfortable. It's easy to block that number, just go from your text conversation, tap the "i" in the top right, tap the name or number at the top and then tap Block this Caller. Finally, tap Block Contact to confirm. You can always follow the same steps and unblock the contact if you later change your mind in the future.

6.   Reply Messages From Notification

You can reply WhatsaApp messages without actually opening the app, the same way, you can reply your iMessage texts straight from notification without opening iMessage. Just 3D Touch (long-press) on the notification and you can send your reply.

#7.   Hide Message Previews

It's true you can control who pries in your texts and who doesn't, but you can at least do something about it, like hiding your notifications. Head to Settings >>> Notifications >>> Messages and scroll down to Show Previews and choose either When Unlocked or Never. 

You can keep alerts enabled but when a banner alert appears to signal the arrival of a text message, it will just show the sender's name but no message preview.

#8.   Send Quick Reply

This is somehow similar to trick #6 which is replying from notification. You can send a quick reply to your contact when they message you by using the 3D Touch. From the messages list, 3D Touch on a message to open a preview of it and then slide your finger up to reveal three canned responses. If none fits, then you can tap Custom to open the message and type out your own. 

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#9.   Forward Message(s) W/out Copy and Paste

You can send messages to several contacts at the same time without having to ctrl C and ctrl V those messages. ap and hold a text bubble, tap More in the menu that pops up from the bottom and then tap the arrow in the lower right corner. Now, the text will be entered into a new message, which you can now send off to whomever you please. Way easier than copying and pasting.

#10.   App Icon Shortcut

To fire off a quick text, you can 3D Touch the Messages app icon and start a New Message or reply to one of three people with whom you were recently texting.  

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