Friday, November 17, 2017

Here is How Anyone Can Still Read Your WhatsApp Messages Even After Deleting Them

In August 2016, an independent iOS security researcher called Jonathan Zdziarski made billions of WhatsApp users to know that WhatsApp end-to-encryption does not guarantee security, neither those it stops prying eyes from seeing your texts. Many WhatsApp user neglected his findings, but one year and a few months later, it has been revealed that even deleted WhatsApp messages can still be retrieved and read by however that knows how to. Jonathan Zdziarski stated boldly that your WhatsApp messages are not fully deleted neither are they fully encrypted and now Android Jefe has revealed to us how deleted WhatsApp messages can still be read.
How Anyone Can Still Read Your WhatsApp Messages Even After Deleting Them

How to read deleted WhatsApp messages?

You might think that reading a bunch of deleted messages from someone else's WhatsApp account is a rocket science, but I hate to surprise you, it is as easy as ABC and can only take a few taps on your Android phone, or with the help of a dedicated app which can easily be downloaded from Play Store. All that needs to be done is to,

1.    Go to the Home Screen on your Android phone.

2.    Tap and hold somewhere in the free area on the screen.

3.    Tap widgets, and find the Settings widget on the list.

Now get to Noftications Log and tap on that new Settings icon which will now be placed on your Home Screen. It will show Android notifications from the past and will also display all the deleted WhatsApp messages which were earlier displayed as notifications before you read them or cleared the notifications.

Another Method or Way anyone can read your WhatsApp messages even after you have deleted them is by;

1.   Downloading a new app called Notification History from Google Play Store.

2.   Once the Notification History app is downloaded, users need to search the Android notification log along with the message’s timestamp and date for reading it.

Please note that this method can be used to read messages which you have even deleted from your WhatsApp chats, and is entirely different from intentionally recovering old or lost WhatsApp chat messages. Aa matter of fact, this a huge flaw that concerns mainly Android users. I do hope that it won't take a long time before WhatsApp will release the fix for the flaw. 

Even if you use the recently added Unsend message feature which there is no 100% guarantee that the message won't be easily accessible and read by whoever that wants to read them and know what to do to get them.

Luckily, Android 7.0 Nougat comes with a feature that lest's you to individually disable or stop apps from displaying notification, so I can now is a good time to put that feature into use and block WhatsApp from sending notifications.

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