Thursday, November 23, 2017

9mobile is up For Sale Again, Who Gets to Bid Highest Among These Companies?

Yes, I know I know, is there already troubles in paradise? It was just in July, (4months ago) that Etisalat did a rebrand and is now 9mobile. But the truth is that the saga never really ended and now, the quest to acquire 9mobile, which without a doubt is Nigeria's 4th largest network, just advanced to the next round.
9mobile is up For Sale Again, Who Gets to Bid Highest Among These Companies?
16 bidders initially submitted a request to acquire 9mobile, 6 out of the 16 bidders have left the quest, then the bidder out of the remaining 10 will be the new owner of 9mobile in the coming weeks. The question now is, who among these bidders will acquire 9mobile?

Here is a List of The 10 bidders of 9mobile

==>>   Globacom Nigeria Limited, Nigeria’s second largest network operator

==>>   Airtel Nigeria

==>>   Dangote Group’s telecoms business unit

==>>   Alheri Engineering Limited

==>>   Smile Telecoms Holdings

==>>   Centricus Capital and Africell

==>>   Abraaj Capital (Based in Dubai)

==>>   Teleology Holdings Limited

==>>   The Carlyle Group

==>>   Africa Capital Alliance (ACA).

1 (the highest bidder) out of these 10 firms above that have been pre-qualified to submit their financial bids for 9mobile, will emerge as the new owners of 9mobile after these final processes are completed. 

Who will buy 9mobile? If this were to be a vote, if the new owners were to be chosen by votes and not by the highest bidder, who would you vote to be the new owners of 9mobile?

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